How many shotguns are in modern warfare?

There are four shotguns in the game. The quality of these guns range from a solid choice to damn near broken. Let’s take a look at our tier list for the shotguns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

How many shotguns are there in modern warfare?

Shotguns. Shotguns are primary weapons in Modern Warfare, and there’s six of them.

What shotguns are in modern warfare?


  • Model 680. Alpha.
  • R9-0 Shotgun. Bravo.
  • 725. Charlie.
  • Origin 12. Delta.
  • VLK Rogue. Echo. Season 2.
  • JAK-12. Foxtrot. Season 6.

How many guns are in modern warfare?

The final level is 31 for primary weapons, while for the secondary weapons it’s 10. Not all weapons require the same amount of levels to obtain camouflages, attachments and the like. Launcher levels are implemented to add longevity to the weapons, as there are no attachments or camouflages for them.

Is there a full auto shotgun in modern warfare?

The latest update to Season Six in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare brought the JAK-12, a fully automatic shotgun built for intense close-quarters engagements and breach-and-clear operations. … “Fully automatic open bolt shotgun with a recoil reducing gas blowback system.

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Is the Kilo 141 a real gun?

The Kilo 141 is also based on a real-life gun manufactured by Heckler & Koch known as the HK 433.

What’s the best shotgun in warzone?

The Jak-12 is still the best Warzone shotgun, even after being nerfed in recent updates. Jak-12 is fully automatic with an impressive rate of fire and short TTK. In normal speak, that means you can fire a lot of shots at once, and it won’t take many to down an enemy.

Is the R9 0 shotgun real?

The R9-0 Shotgun, referred to as the DP-12 in the campaign, is a FORGE TAC shotgun featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is a high capacity weapon that can fire two barrels in a rapid succession before being pumped.

What is the best shotgun in COD MW?

Best Shotgun in Modern Warfare recommendation: 725. Best SMG in Modern Warfare recommendation: MP5. Best LMG in Modern Warfare recommendation: M91.

Are shotguns still good warzone?

Shotguns are some of the most divisive weapons in Warzone, but there’s one thing you can’t deny: they’re game-winners, and they’re guaranteed to help you get more kills. … Today, the close-range weapons are still a force to be reckoned with if you’ve got the right loadout.

What is the max M13 level?

The M13 is available at rank level 39 and it has a weapon max level of 69.

Is Level 155 the highest in modern warfare?

In this new system, players can get up to level 155. But Officer Ranks will be reset at the start of each in-game season. This means that when a new season begins, players who were leveling up their Officer Rank will go back to level 55.

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Did the Jak-12 get nerfed?

The JAK-12 shotgun has undergone a nerf. The sixth and final season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone is well underway. While players get in the spirit of Halloween by taking part in the Haunting of Verdansk limited-time event, a small update has gone live across both titles.

Is Jak-12 good?

The JAK-12 is a “full auto open bolt shotgun with a recoil reducing gas blowback system”. Which is Call of Duty speak for it shoots a lot and fast. It’s got some decent accuracy, mobility and really high damage for something with that high a fire rate.

Which shotgun has Dragon’s Breath MW?

The Dragon’s Breath Rounds appear in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In the campaign mission “Into the Furnace”, they are equipped on the DP-12 shotgun, which is referred to as “DP-12 Incendiary” in the HUD.

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