How many weapons are in ff7r?

Final Fantasy VII Remake has 24 Weapon Locations and Weapon Abilities. Finding all weapons and unlocking their abilities is needed for the Weapons Expert trophy. None of the weapons are missable, you can still get all of them via Chapter Select after the story.

How many weapons are in ff7 remake?

Each character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake has six different weapons, and each one has its pros and cons. Some weapons are better for straight melee fighting, others amp up your magic capability, and a few carry benefits like increased critical hits and boosted defenses.

How do you get all 16 weapon abilities in ff7 remake?

In order to complete the Weapon Abilities battle report, you need to get 100% proficiency on 16 different weapons to master their skills. You’ll need a lot of weapons if you intend to complete this one, so be sure and pick up all of the weapons you come across while playing the story.

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How many weapons does cloud have?

In fact, each of the four main party characters have a total of six weapons they can acquire throughout the game.

Where are all the weapons in ff7 remake?

Barret Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapon Locations

  • Gatling Gun – Barrett gets the Gatling Gun at the beginning of the game.
  • Light Machine Gun – Barrett is given the light machine gun at the end of Chapter 6.
  • Big Bertha – You can buy Big Bertha in Chapter 13 from the Sector 7 Slums weapons shop owner.


What is Cloud’s best sword FF7 remake?

Our Cloud best weapon recommendation in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Cloud starts out with the Buster Sword, which when upgraded will serve you well throughout the entire game. Arguably, his best weapon beyond that is Hardedge, which deals the most attack damage, sacrificing some magic power in the process.

How can I increase stagger to 200%?

How to Increase Stagger Bonus to 200% in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  1. First, stagger your enemy by punishing with Cloud and Barrett. …
  2. Once the enemy is staggered, switch to Tifa and use her Unbridled Strength Ability.
  3. This will power up her triangle special attacks, which you can just use repeatedly to hit 200%


Does aerith die in FF7 remake?

Aerith may make it out alive or she might not, but there’s no way that Final Fantasy 7 Remake won’t at least acknowledge Aerith’s death and pay homage to it. For better or for worse, Aerith is frequently defined by her death scene.

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Is FF7 remake good luck?

A higher Luck stat increases a character’s chance at successfully using the Steal Command. More importantly, it increases a character’s chances of doling out a critical hit for twice the normal damage. … Therefore, fully upgrading the Luck Up Materia to boost luck by 50 percent is well worth the investment.

Where can I find Cloud’s weapons?

Cloud’s Weapons & How To Get Them

Weapon How To Get
Buster Sword Cloud’s initial weapon
Iron Blade Get from Sector 7 Slum’s weapon vendor (Chapter 2)
Nail Bat Kids On Patrol Odd Job reward (Chapter 8) Shinra Building Shop (Chapter 16)
Hardedge Wall Market Weapons Shop (Chapter 9) Shinra Building Shop (Chapter 16)

Where did Sephiroth get his sword?

Generally it is left behind in victims. During the Nibelheim incident, Sephiroth fell into the lifestream and as a result of this experience, gained the ability to manifest Masamune at will.

What is Ultima Weapon?

Ultima Weapon (アルテマウェポン, Arutema Wepon?, lit. Artema Weapon), also known as Atma Weapon or Ultimate Weapon, is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. It is a six-limbed bio-mechanical monster that first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as an ancient war machine created during the War of the Magi.

How heavy is the Buster Sword?

According to Fandom’s Final Fantasy Wiki, an official, full-scale replica displayed at Tokyo Game Show 2019 measured the Buster Sword at 6.1 feet and 15.4 pounds, although it’s not clear if that was meant to be the sword’s in-game weight or simply the actual weight of the replica.

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Who is the final boss in FF7 remake?

Sephiroth is the final boss of Final Fantasy VII Remake fought at the end of “The Turning Point” in Chapter 18, “Destiny’s Crossroads”.

What is the best Materia in FF7 remake?

Best Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake – Recommendations

  • Chakra Materia. …
  • Barrier Materia. …
  • Elemental Materia. …
  • Magnify Materia. …
  • Time Materia. …
  • HP Up Materia. …
  • MP Up Materia. …
  • Steadfast Block Materia. Steadfast Block saves lives — it’s as simple as that.


Is Emerald weapon in FF7 remake?

The Emerald Weapon battle in Final Fantasy 7 took place underwater, so the action-RPG gameplay of FF7 Remake series will need to change how it works. … In FF7, once the player has acquired the submarine, Emerald Weapon spawns in the underwater world map.

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