How many weapons can you carry in Just Cause 2?

There are 10 standard weapons in Just Cause 2 to the 18 in Just Cause (1), although with the addition of DLC, there are 2 more types of rocket launchers, another type of grenade launcher, another type of assault rifle, another type of revolver and an uncertain class of weapon, matching the 18 from the first game and …

How many weapons can you carry in Just Cause 4?

The players can carry a total of two different guns at a time. These can be changed anytime during the game. All the player need to do is hold the reload button and choose the weapon they want.

Can you dual wield Just Cause 4?

As of writing, there are no pistols in Just Cause 4. You won’t be able to find and equip dual pistols as you could in Just Cause 3. As stated above, while pistols were never the best weapon to cause chaos and explosions, they were very useful when it came to combat against enemy AI.

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How do you upgrade weapons in Just Cause 2?

You need to click the weapon/vehicle with the mouse then 2 clickable boxes would highlight the buy and upgrade option.

What is the strongest weapon in Just Cause 4?

Top 5 Best Weapons in Just Cause 4

  1. DA 9.3 LIGHTNING GUN. This gun literally fires stream of electricity in a consistent pin-point beam, being able to rip through most target with little less than a second. …
  2. PWC V4. 2 WIND GUN. …
  3. RG-PBA 9 RAILGUN. …
  5. AT3-X RPG.


Does Just Cause 4 have cheats?

If you’re playing on a PC, there are dozens of mods you can download to enable additional cheats in Just Cause 4, such as: Unlimited Health. Unlimited Ammo. Unlimited Vehicle Boost.

Are there pistols in Just Cause 4?

Just Cause 4 doesn’t have any usable handguns. All weapons are two handed. In universe there are pistols (as can be seen in the holsters on Black Hand in JC4 uniforms), but they are just never used.

What is the best gun in Just Cause 3?

In either case these high powered weapons and vehicles are worth the trouble to add them to your inventory.

  • UVK – 13. …
  • Capstone Hydra. …
  • Fire Leech. …
  • UPU-210 Grenade Launcher. …
  • CS110 Archangel. …
  • CS44 Peacebringer.


Does Just Cause 2 have cheats?

Just Cause 2 Money Cheats

Navigate to X3632, Y31521 on the map and complete the base jump event for an easy $20,000. After completing the Roaches Stronghold mission, you can navigate to X3402, Y15504 and complete another easy base jump event for $20,000.

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Which faction is best in Just Cause 2?

Just pick the one closest to you, that’s what I did. Didn’t like any of the factions, but I guess communists is better than racists and drug runners, so I picked the Reapers.

How do you call the blackmarket in Just Cause 2?

The black market is unlocked for use by the player at the end of the second storyline mission Casino Bust and can be called by using a beacon. The beacon is activated by pressing 4 then E (PC); ↓ then Y (Xbox) and ↓ then ∆ (PS3).

What is Black Market Just Cause 4?

Description. If the “Trials, Toys and Terror Update” trailer (seen below) is interpreted right, it will be an in-game store to buy Downloadable content for Just Cause 4. … Launching with the Black Market is the Toy Vehicles pack, featuring miniature sized versions of Tank, Boat and the Jet!

Can you fast travel Just Cause 2?

You press 4 to equip a thing to signal the helicopter, then you press E when you’re in a clear enough area to throw it (You can’t call it if you’re wanted). Out of the 3 options, fast travel will be there.

Where is Just Cause 4 located?

The game is set in a fictional South American country called Solís, which is home to extreme weather conditions. Rico Rodríguez takes on the Black Hand, the world’s most powerful private army run by Gabriela Morales, a newly introduced character.

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