How much damage does the Super Shotgun do?

In singleplayer, the Super Shotgun does damage of 60 per pellet with 16 pellets a shot, doing up to 960 damage before reloading.

How much damage does the Super Shotgun do in DOOM eternal?

The Super Shotgun deals heaps of damage up close, gibbing those weak fodder demons in one hit. Its wide spread brings down multiple fodder demons with a single shot. Its massive stopping power can cause most heavy demons to stumble. The gun retains its usefulness at medium ranges.


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Is Super shotgun good doom?

Each pellet still does 5-15 points of damage (for a total of 100-300 points of damage per shot, provided that all pellets hit the target). The super shotgun is thus nearly three times as damaging as the standard shotgun per shot, a good bargain since it only uses twice as much ammo each time.

What does the Super Shotgun Shoot?

The super shotgun is described as such in the instruction manual: “Combat Shotguns are double-barreled, sawed-off killing sticks. These gats are the ultimate in pellet warfare.


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Super shotgun data
Max ammo 50 (100 with backpack)
Ammo type Shotgun shells
Shot type Hitscan
Shots per minute 36.8

What mission do you get the super shotgun in Doom?

Super Shotgun: After completing the cooling area objective, defeating the summoner, and heading outside, head down the step opposite the doorway and follow the rocky path to the end to find the super shotgun.

Why is the Super shotgun so powerful?

Since this is the only weapon without mods, it is easy to fully upgrade this weapon within in a short period of time. A fully upgraded Super Shotgun will increase the damage per shot, give it a higher rate of fire and grant additional shot count before it reloads, making it more devastating against powerful demons.

Is a 10 gauge shotgun more powerful than a 12 gauge?

The difference is that the 10-gauge is larger and more powerful than a 12-gauge. It’s popular with goose hunters, because it throws more shot out at the same speed as a 12-gauge, making it more likely to hit a goose at extreme range, when the shot charge has spread out with a large space between pellets.

Does Doom 1 have super shotgun?

In Doom 1 v1. 5, the IDKFA cheat gives Doom II’s Super Shotgun, and since its sprites aren’t included in the WAD, the game will crash when slot 3 is selected.

Do they make a 4 gauge shotgun?

Shotguns and shells exceeding 10 gauge, such as the 8 and 4 gauge, are rather rarely manufactured and only a few makers of the otherwise large market of shotgun, rifle and ammo makers across the United States still produce them.

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How tall is Doomguy?

Sex Male
Height 6’6″ (1.98 m) 6’8″ (2.03 m) (armored)
Weight 230 lbs. (104.33 kg) 360 lbs. (163.29 kg) (armored)
Alignment Chaotic Good

Did they ever make an 8 gauge shotgun?

8-gauge shotgun. … They are an obsolete gauge that has not been made in the U.S. since the late 19th century and are illegal today for hunting waterfowl. It’s also illegal to shoot waterfowl with lead shot. The 10-gauge shotgun is the largest one used in the U.S. today.

What is the shotgun in Doom?

The shotgun (aka Pump Shotgun) is one of the most versatile and useful weapons in the Doom player’s arsenal, equipped in all classic Doom games. It’s a pump-action shotgun with a wooden stock.

Where is the super shotgun in Doom 3?

The Vulcan 1270 double-barreled shotgun, also known as the super shotgun, is a weapon introduced to Doom 3 by the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack. It is first found in Erebus – Level 3 in Sarge’s office. In The Lost Mission, it is found in Enpro Sector 2.

How do you double jump in doom?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

They allow a player to double jump by pressing the jump key while in midair, allowing greater mobility. They can even be used to survive death from long falls, as they will still boost the player upwards in whatever direction they are moving regardless of previous velocity.

Where is the shotgun doom?

The pump-action single-barrel shotgun is one of the most versatile and useful weapons in the Doom player’s arsenal. It is first found in a secret area of E1M1: Hangar (or possibly taken from a former human sergeant on the upper two skill levels), then in a non-secret area on E1M2: Nuclear Plant.

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Is there a triple barrel shotgun?

The Triple Crown shotguns are triple-barrel, break-action shotguns, chambered in 12-, 20-, 28- and . 410-gauge. … 410 gauge models will accept 3 inch Magnum shells. The 12 gauge model has 28 inch barrels while the others have 26 inch barrels.

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