How much does a Henry Mare’s leg rifle cost?

PRICE $409.99
Caliber 22 Long Rifle
Capacity 10+1
Barrel Length 12.875in
Finish Blued

How much is a mare’s leg rifle worth?


Price Item Condition
$862.03 .45 COLT HENRY REPEATING ARMS MARE’S LEG 45 LC H006CML MARES 45LC NEW IN BOX 619835060136 Wakefield, RI 02879 New

Does Henry still make the mare’s leg?

Now fans of those classic westerns and collectors of innovative firearms can holster this lever action pistol manufactured in the spirit and style of the original made for TV classic. Built in the USA, to Henry’s world-renowned standards of quality, the Mare’s Leg is available in your choice of .

Are Henry rifles worth the money?

Despite a design going back more than 150 years, the accuracy of today’s New Original Henry is as good as, and sometimes better than, some more-modern lever-action rifles. It may also be the most fun to shoot.

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They are legal in CA and are considered “handguns” under CA laws. However, they are not on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale. Therefore, they must be acquired via exemption (LEO sale, single-shot pistol exemption, out-of-state intra-familial gift, private party transfer, etc.).

Why is it called a mare’s leg?

The Mare’s Leg is the name given to a customized shortened rifle used by Steve McQueen’s character on the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958–1961). McQueen’s character was named Josh Randall, and the gun has also been referred to as a Winchester Randall, or a Randall Special.

Can you shoulder a Mares leg?

* A pistol cannot have a buttstock, and since your Mare’s Leg is classified as a pistol, you cannot do it without running into the issue sooner or later.

Does Henry Repeating Arms make pistols?

Weighing in at just under 6 lbs. and 25” long, this brass accented beauty holds 5 rounds and also comes with our easy-loading tubular magazine design. Henry’s Magnum version of the Mare’s Leg is a Large Loop Lever Action Pistol that holds nine rounds. Easy-loading tubular magazine design.

Can the Henry AXE shoot 45 Colt?

The answer to the question as asked is No, a lever action rifle chambered in . 45 long colt will not fire a .

Does Henry make any handguns?

Henry pistols have quite the unique design. These multi-colored pistols are made with unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and elite accuracy far into the future. The Henry Big Boy . 357 Magnum Mares Leg Lever Action Pistol H006MML is particularly popular.

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Is Henry better than Marlin?

They took the Lever gun and made it Better, Stronger, Faster. Both are good rifles, the Henry has a little smoother action out of the box. The marlins wood to metal fit has improved since Remington took over manufacturing. The Henry’s have more rounded edges and has always had excellent fit.

What is the most accurate Henry rifle?

Of all the Henry rifles, these five are the top of the bunch.

  • All-Weather Lever-Action . 45-70 Government.
  • Long Ranger . 243 Win.
  • Golden Boy.
  • Big Boy Classic . 44 Mag.
  • U.S. Survival AR-7.


How accurate is a Henry 22 rifle?

The gun is perfectly accurate, especially for a 22LR and the ranges in which a 22 LR is used. This isn’t a 1 MOA rifle, but if you want to make a small target dance at close range or make accurate headshots on small game, this gun will do. It’s a lever-action rifle and it’s hard to mess it up.

Is the Henry Mare’s leg a pistol?

The Henry® Mare’s Leg is a fast handling Lever-Action Pistol based on the cut-down, modified rifle used by Steve McQueen in late 1950s TV Westerns.

What caliber is the rifleman’s gun?

The rifle used on the set of The Rifleman, an 1892 Winchester caliber . 44-40 carbine with a standard 20-inch barrel, appeared with two different types of lever.

Who carried a Schofield revolver?

44-40 (. 44 W.C.F), a beautifully engineered firearm with a rich history. The Schofield Revolver was carried by some Texas Rangers, as well as legendary Old West figures like Buffalo Bill Cody, Frank and Jesse James, and Texas Jack Omohundro. The revolver took its name from Major George W.

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