How much does it cost to upgrade all weapons to MK2?

Once you buy a MOC, you need to upgrade to get the Weaponry modification, which will cost around $240,000. This will give you the ability to acquire MK2 weapons from the workshop. Keep in mind that you need to own the standard version of the weapon to upgrade it to the MK2 version.

How much does it cost to upgrade weapons to MK2?

The MOC’s base cost is $1,225,000, but the modification you’ll need on top will add more depending on which you get. You’re looking at $245,000 for the weapon only and $955,000 for the weapon and vehicle combo.

Is upgrading weapons to Mk 2 worth it?

yes it is worth it, Sniper with Thermal and Explosive rounds are a game changer. Can’t live without Thermal now during heists, missions, pretty much anything. You still need to unlock it in research .. Almost every weapon becomes minutely better, even without special ammo.

How much does it cost to fully upgrade the oppressor MK2?

Total: $345,000 – $440,000 (excluding stylish customizations). Altering the Oppressor MK 2 in any way at all requires you to have the aforementioned Terrorbyte and the Specialized Workshop modification set up inside, the combined cost of which is $1,870,000.

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Which guns should I upgrade to MK2?

Which are the best MK2 weapons in GTA Online?

  • #5 Heavy Revolver MK2.
  • #4 Marksman Rifle MK2.
  • #3 Combat MG MK2.
  • #2 Heavy Sniper MK2.
  • #1 Special Carbine MK2.


Are mk2 weapons worth it?

The simple answer is yes. The MKII weapons are unique, powerful and devastating in nature. … All in all, the SNS Pistol MKII is not a terrible weapon but it definitely isn’t worth the hefty price tag. The Carbine Rifle MKII, on the other hand, is one of the most unique and powerful weapons featured in GTA Online.

Is the Terrorbyte weapon workshop worth it?

Yes it’s worth it if you want to upgrade. You can still upgrade, and add just about everything except special ammo, holographic NV and Thermal sights and a few liveries.

What is the best gun in Mk 2?

[Top 7] GTA Online Best MK2 Weapons

  • Heavy Sniper Mk II (Best for long-range combat)
  • Marksman Rifle Mk II (Best for fast accuracy) …
  • Special Carbine Mk II (Best for reliability in all situations) …
  • Heavy Revolver Mk II (Best for 1v1 shootouts) …
  • SMG Mk II (Best for motorcycle drive-bys) …


What is the best AR in Gtav?

Simple, but effective, the Special Carbine is the most commonly used AR in the game and understandably so. Upgrades or no upgrades, the Special Carbine, is a formidable weapon.

Is assault rifle MK2 worth it?

Despite its sluggish rate of fire, the Assault Rifle Mk II’s damage per second manages to be slightly superior to the Carbine Rifle Mk II. Adding to that, its high damage per shot makes it a good choice to use specialized ammo. … Incendiary rounds, which have moderate chances of setting enemies on fire.

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Is the oppressor mk2 faster than the Deluxo?

The MK2 is significantly faster than the Deluxo, but the Deluxo is more accurate when firing missiles. If you’re in a Deluxo, you may have a hard time locking onto the MK2 due to its speed and how it can move.

Is it worth it to buy the oppressor?

The Oppressor can be bought online from the Warstock Cache and Carry site on your phone. There’s no requirements to buy it except for money, and lots of it: the default price is $3,890,250. It’s an expensive purchase, but for one of the most enjoyable vehicles in the game, it seems worth it.

Is it worth upgrading special carbine to MK2?

Is the Special Carbine Mk II worth the upgrade? Yes, every MK2 is better than the original. Note that you will lose access to 100 round mag. false, only some mk2 weapons got an increase of some kind (range or damage) but not all.

Do you need research for MK2 weapons?

you don’t need to research the guns.

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