How much is the new Walther PDP pistol?

Full-Size 4.5″
Magazines Included 2
Caliber 9mm
MSRP $649.00
10 Round Item # 2858126

How much is a Walther PDP compact?

Normally a gun with this much thought comes with a price tag that keeps it out of reach of many looking for an amazing everyday carry gun. However, The PDP Compact has an MSRP of only $649.

Is the Walther PDP a good gun?

Shooting, the Walther PDP is much like shooting the Walther PPQ. The slide is slightly heavier and it has a decent bit of muzzle flip depending on how you grip the gun. The slide is not tracking quite as fast as a firearm, like a Glock 19. It’s still a great gun to shoot.

What does PDP stand for Walther?

The new Personal Defense Pistol (PDP) wears Walther branding and has some familiarity with the PPQ, but it’s different. It’s as if it was made for America. Sure, there’s still a German accent to the PDP, but I can easily understand what this pistol says for Walther.

How many mags does the Walther PDP come with?

Note: The PDP Full-Size 4.5″ is available with 10 round magazines as Part 2858126.

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Are Walther pistols good?

The guns from Walther are popular with European police and foreign militaries, but their success in these overseas markets hasn’t translated into a similar interest here in America. That’s a shame because the Walther pistols are excellent guns ‒ probably the best service pistols you’ve never fired.

The Walther PDP was developed to maximize readiness during duty or defense scenarios.

Walther PDP 9mm Full Size 4.5″ Pistol, Black.

Sights Standard, Optics Ready(optic plate required)
California Compliant No

Does Walther PDP have safety?

Introducing the Performance Duty Pistol (PDP)

The striker-fired weapon comes in two iterations, a full size (4.5” 18+1 capacity), and a compact (4” 15+1 capacity). Both are polymer/steel combos with accessory rails, no external safety and red-dot ready.

Is the Walther PDP replacing the PPQ?

Replacing the PPQ , the new Walther PDP offers a number of enhancements on the cornerstone concealed carry line. … But the Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol) marks not only an entirely new line for the manufacturer, one that puts another favorite to bed. PPQ fans take a moment to brace yourselves.

Does the Walther PDP use PPQ mags?


Is Walther PDP steel frame?

The Q4 Steel Frame followed the next year, with a 4-inch slide, re-engineered grip and a different profile around the beavertail area than the Q5 Steel Frame. Four of the new Walther PDP models (MSRP for all is $649).

What is the best Walther pistol?

Walther CCP M2 380: Newest Of Walther Guns Is A Slam-Dunk

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Next is, without doubt, the best of the Walther guns in . 380 – the Walther CCP M2 380.

Is Walther discontinuing the PPQ?

In 2021, Walther announced that they would be discontinuing the PPQ, and its predecessor, the P99, in favor of the new Walther PDP, or Performance Duty Pistol. …

Is the Walther PDP +P rated?

Use of “Plus-P” ammunition may result in the need for more frequent service. “Plus-P-Plus” (+P+) ammunition must not be used in WALTHER firearms.

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