Is Maverick 88 rifled?

Mossberg Maverick 88 Slug Pump Shotgun -Slug model features a 3″, chamber, 6-shot capacity and an interchangeable fully rifled 24″, non-ported barrel with adjustable rifle sights.

Is Maverick 88 smooth bore?

Six round capacity with 2 3/4 inch shells. … 18.5 inch smooth Cylinder Bore barrel which takes shot and slug loads equally well.

Is Maverick 88 drilled and tapped?

Drilled/tapped: Mossberg receiver is drilled and tapped for ghost rings or scope mounts, Maverick 88 receiver is not. Reliability: Both guns function with equal reliability.

What kind of ammo does a maverick 88 use?

Mossberg Maverick

Maverick 88
Barrel length 18.5″,20, 22, 26, or 28″ (470mm,508mm or 660mm )
Cartridge 12 or 20 Gauge 2-3/4″ or 3″
Action Pump action
Feed system 5 or 7 round tube magazine

Are Mossberg shotguns rifled?

The Mossberg® 500® Slugster® offers hunters an accurate and reliable Pump-Action Shotgun, specifically designed for deer hunting. The Slugster comes with a fully rifled and ported barrel with a cantilever scope base.

Can the maverick 88 shoot slugs?

Yes! You can shoot anything that fits within the gauge and length ( i.e. 2 3/4″, 3″ 3.5″) rating for your barrel. Shooting slugs through a full choke most like won’t blow your gun up but repeated use could stress the metal and cause a failure down the road so I would avoid doing it if possible.

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Does a maverick 88 have a choke?

The Maverick 88 uses the same Accu-choke system that is found in all Mossberg shotguns, which helps with the uniformity of the pellets.

Can you put a scope on a Maverick 88?

Perfect solution for mounting a scope on a Maverick 88. It is nice to be able to still use the front bead by looking through the mount. … Attempted install on maverick 88. Noticed bolt holes were not cross-drilled parallel to each other on the saddle.

Can a maverick 88 shoot 3 inch shells?

While the Maverick can shoot 3-inch shells, I felt no reason to fire any. … Don’t beat yourself up unnecessarily by using 3-inch Magnum loads. The first load we tried was Remington’s HD Ultimate Home Defense BB shot load, which is one of several Remington home-defense loads no longer in production.

What shotgun ammo do police use?

Buckshot remains the most commonly utilized police shotgun ammunition. The typical round of 2-3/4 inch 12 gauge buckshot contains 9 pellets approximately . 32 caliber in diameter. Today, all of the major manufacturers are turning out reduced recoil or tactical loads optimized for law enforcement.

How many rounds can a maverick 88 hold?

The shotgun features a black synthetic stock and forearm for durability and a 6-round magazine capacity with 2-3/4″ shells and a 5-round capacity with 3″ shells. Bead sights help promote accurate aiming, and only 1 pin needs to be removed to field strip for easy maintenance. Product weight: 7 lb.

Can the Mossberg 500 shoot slugs?

So, can you shoot slugs in a Mossberg 500? Yes, the Mossberg is certainly capable of shooting slugs. … Or, you could use rifled slugs. Rifled slugs act as though the barrel of your gun is rifled, even though it isn’t.

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Will slugs damage my shotgun?

Nope. Slugs will not hurt your barrel.

Can Mossberg 590a1 shoot slugs?

Post subject: Re: Mossberg 590 and slugs? you can shoot rifled slugs with no problems.

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