Is radical firearms any good?

I think Radical Firearms is a good company that makes great products, and they are definitely a manufacturer to keep your eye on. When I was researching them beforehand, I saw a lot of comments from others about the low quality of their products, and machining issues, and “Chinesium” and on and on and on.

Is radical firearms AR 15 good?

The Radical Firearms Blue Line RF-15 ran flawlessly through 700 rounds of testing. The first 200 rounds were pre-lube/cleaning. … I found the Radical Firearms Blue Line to be a great choice to fill this role. The standard rifle is of high quality and at least to the limit of 700 rounds, has been perfectly reliable.

Where are radical firearms made?

We now offer a great selection of firearms and parts that are built here in Texas for the most discerning firearms enthusiast and professional.

Is radical firearms a good brand Reddit?

Nothing wowing such that I’d recommend them over someone else but I wouldn’t avoid them, either. They had quality problems in the past but that seems to have worked itself out and they took care of folks 100% from what I can find. Bought one and loved it.

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What is a radical AR 15?

Description. The Radical Firearms 16″ Socom 5.56mm AR rifle uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with our 15″ FCR free float rail system for increased accuracy, keeping your hands cool, and giving you plenty of room for accessories.

What does Socom mean in AR-15?

SOCOM is an abbreviation which refers to United States Special Operations Command.

Are always armed uppers any good?

After shooting about 180 rounds of M193 and M855 suppressed, I can tell you that the Always Armed upper proved to be reliable and accurate. I experienced no failures whatsoever.

How old is radical firearms?

Radical Firearms started up about three years ago in Stafford, Texas, just outside Houston. That evolved to a small retail storefront where a few buddies offered gunsmith services. That storefront then morphed into a custom build shop, where customers had rifles assembled from parts built elsewhere.

Does radical firearms have a lifetime warranty?

Radical Firearms manufactured or branded products come with a limited lifetime warranty granted to the original owner of the product. This warranty is non-transferable. Radical Firearms products are warranted to be free of manufacture and workmanship defects.

Who makes barrels for radical firearms?

16″ 5.56 NATO SOCOM Profile Melonite 1-7 Twist. Whether you’re building a custom rifle or replacing an old barrel, your gun will benefit from a new, durable AR15 barrel. Radical Firearms manufactures rifle barrels from ER Shaw 4150 hardened chrome moly vanadium steel blanks.

How much is a radical AR-15 worth?


PRICE: $496.88 MANUFACTURER: Radical Firearms
SOLD: 2 days ago UPC:
LOCATION: Butler, PA 16002 SKU: FR16-5.56SOC-15RPR-MFT
CALIBER: 5.56mm Nato MANF. PART #:
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Can I use 5.56 in my AR-15?

You can shoot 5.56 through your . 223 chambered AR-15—but you may regret it. Since 5.56mm Mil-Spec ammo is loaded hotter, it has higher chamber pressure.

What is a FR 16 rifle?

Radical Firearms FR16-5.56SOC-12FCR: Radical Firearms AR-15 semi-automatic rifle chambered in 5.56. … Also featured on this rifle is a flat-top rail design that is optics ready. Covering the 16″ SOCOM barrel is a 12″ M-LOK free-float rail for adding all the attachments of your choosing.

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