Is Taurus a bad handgun?

its a good entry brand. most are good, some are not. Ive not have a bad one yet, and have about 12 different models from over the years. But the odds are you may snag a lemon, they have lifetime warranty so you can get most issues repaired or even replaced guns out of them if its really bad.

Are Taurus pistols good quality?

Taurus guns are fine quality. Some don’t like them because the trigger action is not as smooth as a S&W. Any decent gunsmith can fix this very economically.

How bad is Taurus?

They tend to be very dependent in relationships, very jealous, and overly concerned with acquiring wealth in order to make their lives more comfortable. People ruled by Taurus can often be very successful in their careers, but a negative Taurus will always prefer a reliable income over a hard-hitting and dynamic job.

Which is better Taurus or Glock?

Feel and performance: Both guns feel good in the hand, the Glock fits my hand better and controls are easier to reach, I found myself having to turn the Taurus in my hand to reach the magazine release. Both guns perform flawlessly, never a ftf, ftl, or stovepipe.

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Is Taurus better than Smith and Wesson?

Yes. In automatics, Smith and Wesson is definitely higher quality. I don’t hesitate to recommend any of the M&P line to anyone. There are some good Taurus automatics (the G2C and the old PT92 with the fixed sights that are part of the frame) but quality control on many autos is hit and miss.

What is the best Taurus handgun?

The Top 6 Best-Selling Taurus Handguns

  1. G2C. Formerly called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is available in 9mm and . …
  2. TX22. The Taurus TX22 is a . …
  3. TH40. The Taurus TH40 is chambered in . …
  4. Spectrum. The most affordable Taurus handgun, the Taurus Spectrum is chambered in . …
  5. Judge. The Taurus Judge is a . …
  6. 1911.


What is Taurus weakness?

TAURUS TRAITS. Strengths: Dependable, enduring, pragmatic, dedicated, liable, stabile. Weaknesses: Hard-nosed, property-owning, don’t accept compromises. Taurus likes: Work in garden, preparing meals, music, romanticism, trending clothing, laboring with hands.

Why are Taurus so attractive?

Your most attractive traits

Taureans are naturally sexy people, because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure no less. Taureans have a strong inner self-belief, which doesn’t need shouting about, and this draws people to them because they can be trusted.

Are Taurus good kissers?

Taking their time and passionate, as well focused to make people feel them, Tauruses are good kissers. They are keeping a distance between them and their partner, until they can identify the perfect moment for doing something, from far away.

Does Smith and Wesson own Taurus?

Smith & Wesson never owned Taurus. They were both independent companies. However, during the next seven years, a great deal of technology and methodology was passed between the two. … Taurus now owned everything that once belonged to Beretta, including drawings, tooling, machinery, and a very experienced work force.

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How much does Taurus G3 cost?

Slide: Stainless steel (black matte ??) Capacity: 10, 15 or 17 rounds (with extended magazine) Price: ~$345 (often found in the mid-to-high $200s)

Is Taurus G3 reliable?

However, like its precedent, the Taurus G2, the G3 was a pleasure. The progress Taurus has made in recent years has deservedly led to a greater reputation as a manufacturer of reliable everyday handguns. Ergonomically excellent – the grip is comfortable and the stipple areas really help anchor the gun while firing.

Is Taurus better than Ruger?

In general Ruger pistols are going to be more reliable than Taurus pistols. But the palm-sized Ruger is not meant to be a primary defensive arm. Like most guns of this size, it’s hard to control and almost impossible to aim.

Is Smith and Wesson better than Ruger?

Smith & Wesson has also been the better investment, offering returns of nearly 1,000% over the past decade compared to just 250% for a similar investment in Ruger. … Smith & Wesson has higher name recognition than any other brand of gun, and one of every two revolvers owned today is a Smith & Wesson.

Who manufactures Taurus?

Taurus USA is based in Miami and owned by Forjas Taurus, S.A., a publicly traded company based in Brazil that manufactures a variety of consumer and industrial products. Through its subsidiaries, the company manufactures and distributes the Taurus, Rossi, and Heritage product lines.

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