Is the pump shotgun gone Season 3?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has become a reason for many guns being vaulted in the game. One such gun was the Pump Shotgun famously denoted as Pumps in Fortnite. The Pump Shotgun is considered by many to be one of the best weapons in Fortnite history. However, it was vaulted in the ongoing season.

Will the pump shotgun come back 2020?

The Pump Shotgun is back in Season 4, returning from the Vault. In its place though, some weapons like the Tactical Shotgun and regular SMG are being vaulted.

Is the pump vaulted in Season 3?

The biggest talk of the Fortnite Season 3 was also a huge shock for all the fans as Pump Shotgun, which was one of the more popular weapons in the game was vaulted by Epic Games.

Will fortnite add the pump shotgun back?

The Pump is back as part of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Fans have wanted it for a long while, and now it has been confirmed – the Pump is back in Fortnite, as part of the big overhaul that is Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

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Is the pump coming back 2021?

February 16, 2021 Fortnite 15.40 is out, and the unvaulted weapon is the Flint-Knock pistol – not the pump shotgun. Original story follows. … Epic says you’ll be able to “blast back with an unvaulted favourite” in this update, and fans are pretty confident this means the pump shotgun is making its comeback (again).

Why did they vault the tactical shotgun?

In Patch 14.0, the Tactical Shotgun was vaulted for the 1st time, and was replaced by the Combat Shotgun. It is because the Tactical Shotgun was too weak after the weapon nerf in Patch 13.0. … It’s Damage was increased to 72/76/80/84/88, making the Common and Uncommon rarities almost equal to the Heavy Shotgun.

Are pumps back in fortnite 2020?

Most of the players find Pump shotgun as their favourite and they are waiting to play with it again very eagerly. However, these guns are currently vaulted by Epic Games for the season. They might reappear in any of the further seasons. This means the Pump shotgun is now only available in creative mode.

Did fortnite vault the heavy sniper?

The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been unvaulted on Patch 12.0, replacing the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. … The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been vaulted on Patch 13.00 because it was still too overpowered after it’s damage nerf.

Are pump vaulted?

All vaulted and unvaulted weapons and items in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6. The Pump Shotgun is making a comeback in season six.

Which shotgun is better in fortnite Chapter 2?

The automatic hitscan shotgun is one of the best Fortnite weapons at short range, and can deal up to 132 DPS at legendary rarity – providing you hit all your pellets.

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How much damage does the pump shotgun do in fortnite Chapter 2 season 6?

The Legendary Pump Shotgun is the only weapon in the game to eliminate opponents immediately. A headshot will deal 203 damage, bringing both health and shield down to zero.

What is the new shotgun in fortnite called?

New Chapter 2 Season 7 Fortnite Shotgun Revealed

This led the Fortnite community to get hyped over the new weapon. This weapon is called the Pulsar 9000, and it already exists in Fortnite’s other game mode- Save the World.

Is the pump gone forever?

Epic confirms it has no plans to bring back Double Pump, Bouncers and more. During the Ask Me Anything with Epic employees, Fortnite players got a lot of great news. … Chief among those is the Double Pump. It briefly came back during Season 7 but was quickly patched and it appears to be gone for good now.

Is the charge shotgun still in fortnite 2021?

The Charge Shotgun has been unvaulted with Patch 15.00, replacing the Combat Shotgun and the Pump Shotgun once again. A few hours after the release of Chapter 2 Season 5, the Common variant of the Charge Shotgun has been re-vaulted once again with 15.00.

How much damage does the pump do in season 6?

At its highest levels, the Pump Shotgun deals a maximum damage of 110 and takes around 4 seconds to reload. It’s got a magazine size of 5 and uses shotgun shells as ammo.

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