Is the riot gun better than the shotgun re4?

Both have same close range firepower, but Riot Gun has better long range damage & shoulder aim for easier to headshot, while Striker had higher capacity & wider spread for great up close shooting.

Is the riot gun better than the shotgun in Resident Evil 4?

Compared to the other Shotguns, the Riot Gun has a tighter pellet spread. This allows it to still be useful and cause damage at further ranges. Like the Shotgun, the Riot Gun is fired from the shoulder meaning it is easy to line up headshots quickly in case of an emergency, whereas the Striker is aimed from the hip.

Which is better shotgun or riot gun?

from what i understand the riot gun has a tighter spread then the shotgun making it superior at range. its exlusive gives its a 2 point dmg bonus over the standard shotgun. however the standard shotguns exclusive allows for zero dmg drop off. i dont plan to use it as a sniper rifle just pop heads at 10 yards or closer.

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Is the striker better than the riot gun?

Riot Gun or Striker? Striker has WAY less range, but has the highest ammo capacity and fires the fastest out of all of them. The Riot Gun fires significantly slower, but has incredible range.

Should I sell shotgun for riot?

Yeah, skip it; the Striker is much better in every* stat except aiming-speed and long-range damage, but shotguns are not very effective at long range anyway, so it’s not a big deal. *They’re tied in reload-speed.

Should I buy the riot gun re4?

Only ever used the riot gun on ‘fun’ runs. It’s just so pointless. The regular one is free and has an awesome exclusive upgrade, and the striker outshines both of them in ever aspect except range.

What is the best shotgun re4?

Resident Evil 4 Which is the best Shotgun?

  • 1st Shotgun. Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Riot Gun. Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Striker. Votes: 4 50.0%


Where is the shotgun in RE 4?

The first shotgun in Resident Evil 4 is simply called Shotgun (ショットガン, shottogan?). It is available for purchase from the Merchant for 20,000₧. However, a free shotgun is available on the second floor of the house in the village.

Is the semi auto rifle worth it re4?

I like the Semi-auto on more just because it shoots faster, the more damage from the standard rifle is nice but the damage from the semi-auto rifle is enough to kill in one hit with headshots and on weaker enemies, body shots. Having the scope with the semi-auto rifle is nice too.

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What’s the best Magnum in Resident Evil 4?

Appears in

The Broken Butterfly (マグナム, magunamu?) is the first Magnum to appear in Resident Evil 4. The gun appears as a powerful top-break revolver. It is one of the few weapons that can be found instead of purchased.

Is the striker good in re4?

The striker is better, but only because of the extra 100 bullets you get. I find that the riot gun’s larger range makes it better for dealing with enemy hoards because it will hit them all for full damage, while the striker will barely hit those in the back of the pack if it hits them at all.

Is the broken butterfly better than the Killer 7?

The main differences between the two magnums is that the Broken Butterfly is acquired earlier and offers sheer firepower at 50.0 with the exclusive upgrade; while the Killer7 has a faster reload, a bigger capacity, and better aiming stability.

Should I upgrade broken butterfly?

Make the Striker your first upgrade priority (fully upgraded the Striker can carry 100 rounds), but yes you definitely should upgrade the Broken Butterfly as well. Its exclusive upgrade increases its firepower to 50.0, it makes quick work of all bosses.

What rifle is in Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 features two rifles. One is Bolt-Action and one is Semi-Automatic. The Bolt-Action has the power, while the Semi-Automatic has the speed.

Can you upgrade the Punisher in Resident Evil 4?

The Exclusive Upgrade for the Punisher allows you to shoot through five enemies at once! It costs 40,000 PTAS. You get the Punisher for free if you shoot 10 blue medallions. However, if you shoot all 15 before purchasing it, you’ll get it for free and it the Firepower will be upgraded to Level 2.

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What weapons should I upgrade in Resident Evil 4?

Top 10 Best Resident 4 Weapons And How To Get Them

  • Broken Butterfly.
  • Rifle (Semi-Auto) …
  • Blacktail. …
  • Chicago Typewriter. …
  • TMP. …
  • Flash Grenade. Flash grenades are common as drops before a group of crows. …
  • Handcannon. The fully upgraded Handcannon comes with unlimited bullets. …
  • Infinite Launcher. Fire unlimited shots with this baby. …


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