Question: Are large Magnum pistol primers the same as large pistol primers?

Are large pistol primers the same as Magnum pistol primers?

Their LPP primers are rated for both standard and magnum loads so if that’s safe so is using a CCI LPM primer in the . 45 Auto. Magnum primers burn slightly hotter and slightly longer than standard primers. Your charge of 5.2gr W231 is not at the top of the pressure range so you will not have any pressure problems.

Can you use large pistol magnum primers in place of large pistol primers?

Normally magnum primers can be substituted for standard primers if loads are reduced and then worked back up. Some say 10% drop, some say less. When I had to use magnum instead of standard primers, I dropped loads by . 5 to 1 grain.

What is the difference between large and large pistol primers?

Large rifle primers are taller than large pistol primers, which will/can create seating issues. In my view, that makes them non-interchangeable. Buy the correct primer for the particular application. Large rifle also should have a thicker cup to handle higher PSI.

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What do you use large pistol magnum primers for?

Magnum primers are used mainly to ignite slower, hard to ignite, powders. Just follow the data you use.

What calibers use large pistol primers?

Large pistol primers are used in 45ACP, 45 (long) Colt, 44 SPL and mag and larger pistol rounds. Generally, 44 and up use large, 40/10 mm and smaller use small primers. You don’t have a choice as the primer size is determined by the diameter of the primer pocket in the case.

Can large magnum primers in 45 ACP?

There is absolutely no advantage when using magnum primers in a 45 ACP, however they will work and will not kaboom the gun unless you get stupid and overcharge the powder. I did some tests with the 45 ACP using standard primers (Federal 150), Winchester WLPs, and CCI 350 magnum primers.

Can you use large Magnum pistol primers in Rifle?

the large pistol magnum primers will only be used for shooting cast bullets. thanks for any input. If you use the pistol primers, check for pierced primer cups after firing.

What’s the difference between regular primers and Magnum primers?

The only difference between a magnum primer and a standard primer is the priming compound. “… magnum primer does is make more gas…” They make no gas at all. They merely burn a bit hotter for a bit longer.

Will large pistol primers work in Rifle?

Using Large pistol primers for Rifle Cartridges is a definate no. First off the large pistol primer is thinner than a rifle primer and will not seat flush . Also the pistol primer cups are made of a softer alloy due to most pistol firing springs being lighter than those found in a Rifle.

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Can I use large rifle primers instead of large pistol primers?

Small rifle primers can be used in place of small magnum pistol primers, but Large rifle primers are taller than Large pistol primers. Put a caliper to one of each and you will see the difference.

Are rifle primers harder than pistol primers?

Rifle primers may be harder than some pistol primers and some, not all, pistols might not touch them off. The fact that pistol primers are a tiny bit shorter than rifle primers can be ignored. I’ve loaded for 454 Casual, 460 S&W and 500 S&W guns which are all high pressure cartridges (50,000 to 65,000 psi).

Are large pistol primers interchangeable?

Primers of like kind, size, and application are generally interchangeable. That is any standard small pistol primers should be OK in pistol ammunition. Likewise for large pistol. However, use of magnum primers will produce higher chamber pressures.

Can you use small magnum pistol primers in 45 ACP?

Nope, other than many of us wish you would just shoot that small primer case stuff for practice, then pick it up, so we don’t have to sort it out. The data I’ve seen show that small or large primer, no major difference in your loads.

Do magnum primers increase pressure?

regular primers to magnum

The magnum is a little hotter, but does not add any pressure to the load.

What calibers use small Rifle Magnum primers?

Magnum primers are just fine for . 223/5.56, and often recommended when using several ball powders.

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