Question: Can weapon tokens drop from the great vault?

Can you get weapon tokens from great vault?

Castle Nathria bosses drop weapon tokens and those tokens should very, very likely be able to show up in your weekly Great Vault cache.

Can you get weapons from the great vault?

3 choices each week, and it takes at least 4 weeks to get enough conquest for the weapon (if we are going for 2h/ranged). So you have 12 chances to get a weapon in the great vault in that time. If it is the case that you can get weapons from the great vault.

Can great vault drop PvP weapons?

A major advantage has been discovered for Elite PvP players, as the multi-rank 1 Warrior Revo has shared that Elite PvP weapons are obtainable from the Great Vault at item level 233 – equaling those obtained from Mythic Sire Denathrius, but obtainable much earlier for those skilled enough to earn them!

Can you get Denathrius loot from great vault?

In short, this means that, in the first week, if you only kill three bosses on heroic to unlock your first raid item from the Great Vault, the item pool that this item cannot come from the Stone Legion Generals and Denathrius. … You can only obtain items from bosses you have defeated previously in that difficulty.

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Is great vault loot random?

Yes what you get from vault is pure randomness bag baked in from all dungeons,so you can not target any loot from it… Completely random.

Can you get sire loot from vault without killing sire?

You cannot get Sire Denathrius loot until you kill them.

Can you upgrade PvP items from vault?

We were made aware of an issue that caused the ranking on certain PvP items looted from the Great Vault to be listed incorrectly, making them unable to be upgraded. This has since been resolved, but the fix is not retroactive.

How many items can you get from the great vault Shadowlands?

Great Vault is the weekly chest in Shadowlands. In addition to Mythic dungeons, you can obtain rewards from other activities that include PvP and raids. You can add items to the Great Vault by completing various activities each week. Once per week after maintenance, you can select a single reward from up to 9 items.

When can you open the great vault?

Completing objectives each week adds a potential item to your Great Vault. Once a week, after the weekly reset, you will be able to open the Great Vault and select one item from the items that were added to your Vault the previous week.

Will Shadowlands have PvP gear?

In Shadowlands, you will have two currencies for buying PvP gear, those are Shadowlands PvP Honor and Conquest. … You will also use Shadowlands PvP Honor for upgrading honor gear (Aspirant) and Conquest gear (Gladiator).

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How does great vault raid loot work?

the loot in the great vault is capped at ivll 226 and if you happen to get to pick loot from the last 2 bosses, it will simply be lower ilvl than in the raid. the only way to loot those 233 ilvl items is to get them in the raid.

Has Castle Nathria been cleared yet?

UK esports organisation Method have completed Mythic Castle Nathria in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The guild defeated Sire Denathrius yesterday (January 2nd 2021), the final boss of the raid.

Where is the great vault in Borderlands 3?

The Great Vault is a massive set of Eridian ruins located in the barren desert of Pandora.

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