Question: How common is 10mm ammo?

It is common (I own 3, and can find ammo easily), but it is not inexpensive or very popular. If you could only have one handgun, I would choose one in 10mm; However, as most can have more than one – for personal defense against human predators, a 15+ capacity 9mm is more usable.

Is 10mm ammo hard to find?

Unfortunately, finding anything other than practice ammunition at your local sporting good stores can be elusive. A few short years ago, it was rare to encounter any 10mm ammunition at all, so the round’s stock is improving. 10mm factory ammunition can disappoint.

Is a 10mm more powerful than a 45?

Even so, the 10mm Auto is still the most powerful semi-automatic handgun round in widespread use (aside from uncommon cartridges like the . … That being said, the 10mm recoils only a little more with than the . 45 ACP. So, well-trained shooters using good quality handguns can handle it without much trouble.

Since its introduction, the 10mm Auto has been putting magnum power into semi-auto pistols. In recent years, it’s had a bit of a resurgence in popularity. … If you can shoot it well, the 10mm is a much more powerful self-defense round compared to the 9mm or . 40 S&W.

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What is 10mm ammo comparable to?

Let’s start with the basics: 10mm is the metric equivalent for . 40 caliber, or 10 millimeters equals . 40 of an inch. Therefore, both bullets are the same diameter.

Will a 10mm kill a grizzly bear?

Several folks have even successfully killed bears with a 9mm. While a well-placed shot from a 10mm can no doubt do the trick, the . … of energy, while the 10mm has about 728 ft. -lbs., both with a 180-grain Buffalo Bore bullet.

Will a 10mm go through a person?

A non-expanding high velocity 10mm is going to penetrate as well or better than any other common semi-auto caliber.

Why did the FBI stop using 10mm?

Although it was selected for service by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1989 from the aftermath of the 1986 FBI Miami shootout, the cartridge was later decommissioned (except by the Hostage Rescue Team and Special Weapons and Tactics Teams) after their Firearms Training Unit eventually concluded that its …

Is a 10mm more powerful than a 357 magnum?

10mm is often more powerful than . 357 magnum. A typical . 357 magnum shoots 125 grain bullet at 1450 fps generating 584 foot pounds of muzzle energy.

Can you shoot 45 out of a 10mm?

As for the 10MM Auto, it does not, as far as I know, have a “sister” cartridge that will chamber in firearms chambered for it. While the . 40 S&W is nearly identical in diameter, there are no firearms that can chamber both rounds.

What’s so good about 10mm?

When it comes to ballistics, you can’t go wrong with 10mm. Thanks to its bullet diameter and speed, it’s a superior caliber option. In fact, it’s been altered and shortened into the 40 caliber, as FBI Academy recruits had a hard time handling the recoil – that’s how powerful this caliber can be.

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Is a 10mm a good round?

The 10mm is arguably the great all-arounder of handgun rounds. You can use a light loading for target shooting or carry, as a low-recoil 10mm load is literally a . 40 S&W in a longer case. You can also load it hot if you prefer a harder-hitting carry round.

Is 10mm a good caliber?

I found the 10mm to be a pleasant shooting cartridge. It was not too powerful for regular practice and certainly within the confines of what I would want for self defense. I really couldn’t tell the difference between shooting this gun and caliber and my 9mm pistol, even with the heaviest 180-gr.

How much does a 10mm drop at 100 yards?

The 10mm rounds show a flatter trajectory with an average bullet drop of 1.12 inches at the 50-yard mark and 4.06 inches at the 100-yard mark.

What is the best grain bullet for 10mm?

Best 10mm Ammo

  • Federal 180 Grain Hydra-Shok. Oh yeah–having Hydra-Shok rounds in the best self-defense ammo isn’t a big surprise. …
  • Hornady 180 Grain XTP. …
  • Barnes VOR-TX. …
  • Underwood 200 Grain Nosler JHP. …
  • Underwood 200 Grain Hard Cast. …
  • Magtech 180 Gr FMJ. …
  • Federal American Eagle.

Which is stronger 44 mag or 10mm?

10mm vs 44 Magnum Energy

The . 44 Magnum, a larger cartridge, with heavier bullets and faster speeds, is the obvious winner. It’s known for outstanding power; one of the cartridge we looked at had a listed muzzle energy over 1,200 ft-lbs! … 44 Magnum remains the more-powerful of the two.

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