Question: Is Maka a demon weapon?

Weapon Gene: An ability Maka only possesses in the Soul Eater anime. Due to her father being a Demon Weapon, Maka has inherited his Demon Weapon powers from his blood.

Is Maka actually a weapon?

According to Franken Stein, Maka was among some of the best meisters within Death Weapon Meister Academy among the one-star meisters and was handpicked for special operations from DWMA faculty. She was eventually able to ascend to two-star status and was among the only one of her peers to have created a death weapon.

Does Maka end up with soul?

Although on the Soul Eater wiki on Maka’s relationship page it says that Soul had made love to her in the past. Neither the anime or manga confirmed their relationship as canon but their relationship is so good! … Maka and Soul agree to work together again as they reconcile.

Is Maka powerful?

Maka is a character that is portrayed as physically weak in comparison to her peers. Black star is portrayed as extremely powerful, but he lacks the intelligence and patience to use it to his advantage. The only reason why she could compare to Black Star’s strength is because of her courage.

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Is Maka a scythe?

Maka is a Scythe-Meister who is often seen weilding her primary partner Soul Eater Evans, her cousin. At the beginning of the story Maka is 14 years old. In the prologue she is the one who gets help when she and Soul find badly wounded.

Is Lord Death Spirit’s dad?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Spirit Albarn is Maka’s father and Lord Death’s current partner. According to Lord Death himself that is why he is the only one he truly considers his Partner making him Death’s favourite.

Is Maka a Death Scythe?

Equipment. Soul Evans: Maka’s partner and weapon, Soul “Eater” Evans is a formidable Demon Weapon. While already powerful in his normal form, he gained several new abilities after becoming a Death Scythe. … After becoming a Death Scythe, Soul can change the size and shape of his blade at will.

Who is Maka’s mom?

The Soul Eater anime only mentions one Meister who created a Death Scythe, and that was Maka’s mother with Spirit Albarn being the Death Scythe she created. When the other Death Weapons arrived in Death City after Asura’s release, we did find out that the Death Scythes were stationed around the world.

Who does Maka marry in Soul Eater?


For those that aren’t a fan of Soul and Maka being a pairing, there is one partner that is equally perfect for her. That pairing is, of course, that of her and the child of black blood, Crona.

Are Soul and Maka cousins?

Are Soul and Maka cousins? Maka is daughter to Spirit Albarn and Kami. She has two younger cousins and one older cousin. Maka is a Scythe-Meister who is often seen weilding her primary partner Soul Eater Evans, her cousin.

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Is death the kid immortal?

As Gods, the Death Gods are immortal, unless they are Immature such as Death the Kid before connecting the Lines of Sanzu, making them impossible to kill by normal means but even they can be killed under certain circumstances, showing that this immortality is not absolute.

What episode does Maka die?

With her friends fallen, Maka must find the strength to face the Kishin alone. The world is in jeopardy and evil is poised for certain victory – until something stirs deep inside the young Meister’s heart. “The Word Is Bravery!” is the 51st and final episode of Soul Eater.

Who is strongest in Soul Eater?


  • Black Star. …
  • Maka. …
  • Justin. …
  • Death the Kid. …
  • Franken Stein. …
  • Noah. …
  • Arachne Gordon. Out of all the Gorgon Sisters, Arachne is said to be the most powerful. …
  • Lord Death. Death is the most powerful god.


How did Maka get black blood?

When the two are safe, Soul states that since Maka’s hands are burned, he would have to make dinner for a while, to which Maka smiles and tells him to make sure he makes it right. She then coughs up some blood, which is black.

How did Maka defeat Asura?

Maka defeats Asura with the support of her friends at her back, yes, but ultimately she faces and defeats him alone. It is her bravery that gives her strength. Other characters are “stronger” than Maka. Stein is more skilled, and Death can go toe-to-toe with Asura.

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How old is Blackstar?

Character Profile: Black Star

Fields USA Info Japanese Info
Age 13 years old 13 years old
Hair Blue Blue
Eyes Green Green
Blog about weapons