Question: Is the threaded cane a thrust weapon?

Whip to cane transformation attack is thrust.

Is threaded cane a skill weapon?

The Threaded Cane is the suggested choice for new characters that chose a skill-based class. It’s not the only skill weapon that can be found very early in the game. … This weapon consumes the least amount of stamina per swing among the 3 starting weapon selections.

Is the threaded cane blunt?

If you thrust during the attack, it’s considered a thrust. IE, Cane untransformed R2s, Reiterpallasch thrusts, ETC. If you’re bashing them to death, it’s probably considered blunt, but keep in mind that it’s significantly more uncommon.

Is the threaded cane any good?

It’s a decent weapon, good for mid range and crowd control plus has serration bonus. Scales pretty good with arcane so fire gems are an option to stack with serration bonus. has a fast R2 charged pierce attack. It’s very satisfying being able to wreck crowds without taking damage.

What does the threaded cane scale with?

Characteristics. The Threaded Cane is one of the starting weapons in the game. However, unlike its counterparts, the Saw Cleaver and the Hunter Axe, its scaling focuses primarily on Skill, with impressive scaling in Arcane and negligible scaling in Strength.

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Is threaded cane worth upgrading?

Imo the cane is worth it. the whip has range an sweep and the cane can stunlock pretty good. I used it the entire game with ludwig as backup but never needed to switch to it.

Is the saw Spear better than the threaded cane?

The spear is my personal most effective weapon. Fast, good switch move, excellent vs beasts. The cane is even faster in cane form, but slower in whip form (bonus range of course). I personally would take the spear but it’s really a toss up, pick the one with the moveset that feels best to you.

Is there a katana in bloodborne?

The Chikage is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne. … There are 3 versions of this weapon: Normal, Uncanny and Lost, with only subtle differences of Gem Imprints and location. When transformed the Chikage is a two-handed katana smeared with blood.

Where can I find threaded canes?

Threaded Cane

  • Location Found: One of the three starting weapons first found in the Hunter’s Dream. Can also be purchased from the Fountain Merchant once the player has found the Saw Hunter Badge in the Central Yharnam Aqueduct.
  • Buy Price: 1,200.
  • Sell Price: 700.


What do I need to upgrade threaded cane?

To fully upgrade Threaded Cane requires 16 Blood Stone Shards, 16 Twin Blood Stone Shards, 16 Blood Stone Chunks, 1 Blood Rock and 4240 Blood Echoes.

What’s better hunter pistol or hunter blunderbuss?

The Hunter Pistol does more damage, but the Hunter Blunderbuss is more effective at hitting a fast moving target (as well as potentially hit multiple targets at the same time). The other main difference between the two starting firearms is that the Hunter Blunderbuss has a slower recovery time between shots.

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Is saw Spear better than saw Cleaver?

The Saw Spear is considered by most players to be the superior version of the Saw Cleaver. It is made an even more tempting weapon since it can be acquired within the first half-hour of the game. The major differences between these two very similar weapons are: The Cleaver has slightly higher base damage.

What is the best skill weapon in bloodborne?

Bloodborne: 10 Best Skill Weapons, Ranked

  1. 1 Rakuyo.
  2. 2 Burial Blade. …
  3. 3 Blade Of Mercy. …
  4. 4 Chikage. …
  5. 5 Church Pick. …
  6. 6 Ludwig’s Holy Blade. …
  7. 7 Beasthunter Saif. …
  8. 8 Simon’s Bowblade. …


What increases visceral attack damage?

What does increase the damage output of visceral attacks are certain blood gems and temporary buffs (fire paper, bolt paper). Aegis Azkaellon breaks it down with a bunch of examples, showing that the best way to increase visceral attack damage is through blood gems that buff your Hunter’s physical attack.

Where do I get blades of mercy?

Blade of Mercy

  • Location Found: This weapon can either be obtained by defeating Eileen the Crow hunter in combat (which you can do it any point when you meet her) in order to get her Crow Badge, or by completing her questline. …
  • Buy Price: 40,000.
  • Sell Price: 28,000.


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