Question: What do I do with 13 star weapons pso2?

What do you do with weapons in pso2?

  1. If they’re 7-9 star weapons, then I either break them down into crafting materials or just sell them to the NPC shop, depending on whether I feel like moving to my room or not. …
  2. If they’re 10 star weapons, then I usually trade them in for excubes at the Recycle Shop.

Can you trade 13 star weapons pso2?

User Info: D33p_Inside. You can only trade weapons up to 12* rarity and units up to 11*. 13/14* weapon can be sold on the market, but units past 11* cannot be sold, nor can 15* weapons.

How do you equip weapons in pso2?

To bring up the menu to equip weapons and photon arts with, press F5. For clothing and units, press F6. This window is for the weapon in particular. Clicking on a slot, or a weapon icon occupying a given slot will bring up the window on the right.

Can you trade items in PSO2?

You can’t. The only way is to put it on the player shop and have your friend buy it off from you. Trading is a premium feature that you buy with arks cash.

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What is the best class in PSO2?

Ranger class is one of the best and easiest to pick up in PSO2 as all you have to do is line up enemies in your sight and take them down one by one. This class has the power to eliminate threats even before they become threats and have your melee-based and close-ranged teammates not be overwhelmed.

Can you trade nemesis weapons pso2?

Edit (more info): Even if you could trade, you can’t trade nemesis weapons since they limit the rarity of items that can be traded.

What can you trade in pso2?

Basically anything that can be sold/bought on the player market is the limits of what can be traded. So specific 13/14 and no 15. Also you can send raw meseta through trade. In addition, you can only trade with people that are premium.

How do you equip photon art?

Click on a photon art disc and press the top entry to use the item. As shown in the screenshot above, a window will pop up illustrating the gain in power for that Photon Art. Return to the Equipping Weapons menu to add that photon art to your weapon palette.

How do you get more dex in pso2?

Your best bet is your mag (raise his DEX, this will give you +1 DEX each time its DEX levels up) but I recommend you to just be patient and level with your current gear and equip your new weapon whenever possible (even if that means waiting for level 35-36 as a Braver).

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How can I change photon art?

In order to learn a Photon Art, one must use a Photon Art Disc to learn the Photon Art. This attaches the Photon Art to the character permanently. It can then be upgraded by casting the Photon Art in combat, which gives it experience.

What are photon spheres PSO2?

Photon Sphere, commonly abbreviated as PS, is a unique item that can be used to add and boost attribute percentages on weapons.

Where is the photon shop PSO2?

The Photon Drop, EXCube, Pyroxene, and Spellstone shops are located on the second floor of the Shopping Area of the lobby. There are three currencies for photons.

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