Question: What is the best ultra weapon in Black Ops 4?

What is the best black market weapon bo4?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Best Weapons

  • S Paladin HB50 Koshka Outlaw ICR-7 KN-57 Sensor Dart SDM 9-Bang.
  • A Grappling Hook Hades Rampart 17 Swordfish MOG-12 Maddox RFB ABR 223 Titan Vapr-XKG Cordite Ray Gun.
  • B Hellion Salvo Spitfire MP 40 Essex Model GKS MX9 Auger DMR Recon Car Zweihander War Machine VKM 750.

What’s the best Black Ops 4 DLC weapon?

The VMP is a submachine gun found in COD: Black Ops III and COD: Black Ops 4, and was added into the latter as a DLC weapon, immediately becoming part of the game’s meta. The VMP was picked up on release by many players, and quickly started mowing down the opposition.

What guns do pros use in Black Ops 4?

But for the most part, the Saug, Maddox, and ICR are the professional weapons of choice. This could easily change before the next event, however, if Treyarch decides to nerf these guns or buff some others. If that doesn’t happen, though, expect to see these three weapons in most Black Ops 4 action in 2019.

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What’s the best loadout in Black Ops 4?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Best Loadout

  • Perk1: Scavenger.
  • Perk 2: Lightweight.
  • Perk 3: Ghost.
  • Wildcard: Primary Operator Mod.
  • Gear: Stim Shot.
  • Equipment: Special Issue.
  • Optics: Reflex.
  • Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barell (II)


What is the most op gun in bo4?

Crimsix contends that the KN-57 is the “new most overpowered gun” in Black Ops 4.

What is the best gun on bo4?

Black Ops 4 Best Assault Rifle – the best assault rifle in Black Ops 4 is the Vapr-XKG. It has incredibly good mobility, something you’ll need in a game as fast-paced as Black Ops 4.

What is the best gun in bo4 2021?


  • AR – Rampart.
  • AR w/ Sniper – SWAT.
  • SMG – MP40.
  • Tac Rifle – Auger DMR.
  • Sniper – Koshka w/ 4x (hate the sniper scope on it, if I can’t find a 4x I will swap out for a Paladin if I can)
  • LMG – I never use these unless I absolutely have to but i guess Titan.
  • Shotgun – MOG12.
  • Pistol – Strife.

What gun does the most damage in Black Ops 4?

MX9 (SMG) Another gun you have right from the get-go, the MX9 is the final gun on our list. Reminiscent of the MP5 from previous games, it’s got a moderate rate of fire but deals the most damage per bullet out of all the SMGs.

What are the snipers in bo4?

Sniper Rifles

  • Paladin HB50.
  • Outlaw.
  • SDM.
  • Koshka.
  • Locus.
  • Vendetta.


What’s the best gun for nuketown?

The AUG and the M16 are solid choices for Nuketown ’84. These weapons are capable of killing enemies in one quick burst, giving them one of the fastest TTKs in the game. They are especially useful when watching long lines-of-sight at the sides of the map, and taking out pesky snipers in the windows of the houses.

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What guns do pros use in bo4?

With that being said, here’s a guide to the weapons you should be using in Black Ops 4 multiplayer:

  • ICR-7.
  • Saug 9mm.
  • Koshka.
  • MX9.
  • Auger DMR.
  • Maddox RFB.


Is the ABR 223 good?

The ABR-223 is a three-round burst weapon with long range, decent fire rate, and a deadly attachment set. … This gives the ABR decent 350-424ms kill times, faster than a majority of the other weapons. The kicker of this kill time is the fact that the weapon is burst fire.

Does FMJ increase damage to players bo4?

In Black Ops 4, FMJ increases surface penetration and does more damage against armor in Multiplayer and Blackout.

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