Question: What is the most powerful weapon in D&D?

One of the most powerful weapons in all of D&D, the ax can be used to completely remove the head, neck or any other appendage of an opponent with a single dice throw. You can also use it to cast earthquake, passwall, and stone to flesh daily. Be warned, using the ax too often will turn you into a dwarf as well.

What is the best weapon in D and D?

Most of these weapons can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, but there are quite a few that can be found elsewhere in D&D manuals.

  1. 1 Vorpal Sword.
  2. 2 Wave. …
  3. 3 Sword of Kas. …
  4. 4 Ironfang. …
  5. 5 Sun Blade. …
  6. 6 Flame Tongue. …
  7. 7 Scimitar Of Speed. …
  8. 8 Sword Of Life Stealing. …


What weapon does the most damage in D&D?

Firstly, the obvious answer, greatsword. It does 2d6 which beats any 1d12 weapon on two fronts. Firstly, the average roll of 2d6 is 7, while the average of 1d12 is 6.5.

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What weapon is best for a Paladin?

Dungeons & Dragons: The 15 Best Weapons For Paladin, Ranked

  • 8 Sword Of The Paruns.
  • 7 Defender.
  • 6 Sun Blade.
  • 5 Oathsunder.
  • 4 Mace Of Disruption.
  • 3 Holy Avenger.
  • 2 Conquering Maul.
  • 1 Sword Of Zariel.


What class can do the most damage?

Fighters have the most single target damage potential in 5e. They get 4 attacks at level 20 and can action surge twice per short rest for an additional 4 attacks each.

What is the most powerful item in DND?

The most powerful magical items in Dungeons & Dragons will give you the power to take over the world.

The 15 Most Powerful Dungeons & Dragons Artifacts, Ranked

  • 5 The Talisman Of Pure Good/Ultimate Evil. …
  • 4 The Eye And Hand Of Vecna. …
  • 3 The Orbs Of Dragonkind. …
  • 2 The Cyrinishad. …
  • 1 Crenshinibon.


What is the most damage you can do in one turn in DND?

First action damage is 160 at best. First action critical damage is 340 at best. Whole turn damage is 192 at best. Whole turn critical damage is 404 at best.

Is Excalibur in DND?

Excalibur is a magic longsword that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it and deals an extra 3d10 radiant damage to fiends and undead. The sword can only be wielded by the rightful heir to the throne of Britain.

Which class does the most damage DND?

Which Class does the most damage in D&D 5E at Level 1?

  • The Paladin, Ranger, and Druid are bottom.
  • We then get the Bard, Warlock, Wizard, and Sorcerer.
  • Next we have the Barbarian, Fighter, and Monk.
  • We then have the Rogue, with 22 damage.
  • The Cleric is next.
  • Finally, we have the Sorcerer again. More on this in a bit.
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Can Paladin use AXE vanilla?

Paladins can use axes, but most weapons come down to the weapon itself for the stats and weapon damage.

Can Paladins dual wield?

Paladins make phenomenal dual wielders, after level 6. At this point they get their magic mounts (find steed) and with the dual wielded feat and fighting style get 3 1d12+strength mod attacks per turn.

What weapons can Paladin use classic?

WoW Classic Paladin Weapon Skills

Paladins can equip a variety of weapons, including 1H/2H Axes, Maces, and Swords, as well as Polearms and Shields.

Which is the best DND class?

Best Dungeons & Dragons 5E subclasses

  1. Arcane Trickster (Rogue) …
  2. Path of the Totem Warrior (Barbarian) …
  3. College of Lore (Bard) …
  4. School of Divination (Wizard) …
  5. Eldritch Knight (Fighter) …
  6. Circle of the Moon (Druid) …
  7. The Fiend (Warlock) …
  8. Divine Soul (Sorcerer)


What is the best D&D race?

So Elves are the best race. They just are, we can’t fight it. They live forever, they can be as badass as Drizzt, noble as Elrond or spectacular as Legolas. And those characters represent their sub-races pretty well: Drow Elf, High Elf and Wood Elf.

What is the most overpowered class multiclass in DND 5E?

Most OP is hard to gauge; common ones are:

  • Berserker Barbarian 17 / Champion Fighter 3 (Crits for Dayz)
  • Paladin X / Warlock X (short rest spell slots to burn for Smites)
  • Tempest Cleric X / Storm Sorcerer X.
  • Valor Bard X / Warlock or Wizard X (bladelock type)
  • Swashbuckler Rogue X / Battlemaster Fighter X.
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