Question: What new weapons and technology were developed during World War I and how did they affect combat?

Some large artillery guns could launch shells nearly 80 miles. Machine gun – The machine gun was improved during the war. It was made much lighter and easier to move around. Flame throwers – Flame throwers were used by the German Army on the western front in order to force the enemy out of their trenches.

How did new weapons affect WW1?

Perhaps the most significant technological advance during World War I was the improvement of the machine gun, a weapon originally developed by an American, Hiram Maxim. … They also developed air-cooled machine guns for airplanes and improved those used on the ground, making them lighter and easier to move.

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What new weapons and technology were used in WW1?

Military technology of the time included important innovations in machine guns, grenades, and artillery, along with essentially new weapons such as submarines, poison gas, warplanes and tanks.

What new technology was used in World War I and what impact did it have on warfare what type of weapons and tactics were used during this war?

World War I popularized the use of the machine gun—capable of bringing down row after row of soldiers from a distance on the battlefield. This weapon, along with barbed wire and mines, made movement across open land both difficult and dangerous. Thus trench warfare was born.

What effect did technology have during World War I?

The major impact of technology on World War I was that it made the war much more difficult for the infantry soldiers who did most of the fighting. The new technologies led to trench warfare and the lack of new tactics led to massive slaughter at the hands of the new technology.

What made ww1 so deadly?

The loss of life was greater than in any previous war in history, in part because militaries were using new technologies, including tanks, airplanes, submarines, machine guns, modern artillery, flamethrowers, and poison gas.

What everyday item did World War I soldiers popularize?

Sanitary Pads

With cotton in short supply during World War I, the company trademarked the creped wadding as Cellucotton and sold it to the American military for surgical dressing. Red Cross nurses, however, found another use for the cotton substitute as makeshift sanitary pads.

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What weapon killed the most in ww1?

Artillery. Artillery was the most destructive weapon on the Western Front. Guns could rain down high explosive shells, shrapnel and poison gas on the enemy and heavy fire could destroy troop concentrations, wire, and fortified positions.

How did the new technologies of ww1 affect soldiers fighting on the front lines?

The new technologies of World War One had affected the soldiers fighting on the front line by the weapons being more powerful and deadly and much more useful. Weapons like artillery,machine guns,powerful gas and tanks were used to fight off enemies. … Automatic guns were also used as new technology during WWI.

Which new weapons were used in the war?

New Weapons

  • Artillery – Large guns, called artillery, were improved during World War I including anti-aircraft guns to shoot down enemy planes. …
  • Machine gun – The machine gun was improved during the war.

Which two examples of modern military technology had the greatest impact on the course of ww1?

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1) As an example of new Military Technology that greatly impacted World War I, we can mention Tanks, Poison Gas, Flamethrowers, Tracer Bullets, Air Traffic Control and Interrupter Gear.

Why did both sides in ww1 turn into new weapons?

Why did both sides in World War I turn to new weapons? … Because trench warfare had led to a stalemate. You just studied 25 terms!

How did technology make the war more deadly?

Many technological advances made the war more lethal. Airplanes were used for scouting and support of ground forces. Armored tanks appeared on the battlefield. More than any other weapons, rapid-fire machine guns, deadly gases, and heavy artillery raised the death toll.

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What event in 1917 benefited the allies?

What event in 1917 most benefited the Allies? The United States declared war against Germany. You just studied 13 terms!

How did new technology change the way war was fought?

Technology affected the way that World War I was fought because it pretty much caused the infamous trench warfare to happen. The machine gun, especially, made it very easy for defenders to kill large numbers of soldiers who were attacking them. … So, the machine gun caused defensive, trench warfare to be necessary.

How did poison gas impact ww1?

Mustard gas, introduced by the Germans in 1917, blistered the skin, eyes, and lungs, and killed thousands. Military strategists defended the use of poison gas by saying it reduced the enemy’s ability to respond and thus saved lives in offensives.

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