Question: Where are all the hunter weapons in bloodborne?

Weapon Location
Wooden Shield Cathedral Ward
Repeating Pistol Hunter’s Dream
Hunter’s Torch Old Yharnam
Ludwig’s Rifle Hunter’s Dream

How many hunter weapons are in bloodborne?

There are a total of 26 different Hunter Weapons to find throughout the game and you must collect all of them on a single character for the trophy. They are divided up between “Trick” (Right Hand) and “Firearms” (Left Hand) weapons.

Where are all the old hunter weapons?

Mainhand Weapons

Name Location
Holy Moonlight Sword Underground Corpse Pile
Church Pick Underground Corpse Pile
Rakuyo Fishing Hamlet
Simon’s Bowblade Lighthouse Hut

How many bloodborne weapons are there?

Going off of the wiki, as far as melee weapons, I think there are currently ~15 listed, but at least one of them was specific to a chalice dungeon, so there may be a few more we aren’t aware of. I think in the end, we’ll be looking at ~25 melee and ~20 ranged.

Is there a katana in bloodborne?

The Chikage is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne. … There are 3 versions of this weapon: Normal, Uncanny and Lost, with only subtle differences of Gem Imprints and location. When transformed the Chikage is a two-handed katana smeared with blood.

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What is the best bloodborne weapon?

Bloodborne: 15 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

  1. 1 Ludwig’s Holy Blade. Everything the Hunter Axe does, Ludwig’s Holy Blade does (arguably) better.
  2. 2 Whirligig Saw. …
  3. 3 Hunter Axe. …
  4. 4 Holy Moonlight Sword. …
  5. 5 Rakuyo. …
  6. 6 Blade Of Mercy. …
  7. 7 Kos Parasite. …
  8. 8 Burial Blade. …


Should I kill brador?

It is possible to kill Brador after obtaining the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key, without killing him when he invades. In that case he will no longer invade you and the gear pieces dropped by killing him will be found where he would normally invade your world.

Where is the Amygdalan arm?

Arm is near the Blood-Starved Beast at the end of the cave.

What is included in the old Hunters DLC?

The Old Hunters is an expansion DLC for Bloodborne. It features all new Locations, Bosses, Weapons, and Armor. A FREE patch (Patch 1.07) has added new covenant The League as well as friendly Old Hunters NPC summons for everyone.

What is the fastest weapon in bloodborne?

The Blade of Mercy is the fastest among them, but deals the least physical damage; this is made up for with its arcane attack, though that won’t help against all foes. A key thing these weapons have in common is low range. You’ll have to sacrifice speed for better reach, but you still have some good options.

What’s better hunter pistol or hunter blunderbuss?

The Hunter Pistol does more damage, but the Hunter Blunderbuss is more effective at hitting a fast moving target (as well as potentially hit multiple targets at the same time). The other main difference between the two starting firearms is that the Hunter Blunderbuss has a slower recovery time between shots.

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Can you two hand bloodborne?

There is indeed no default two handing, judging some weapons, just like there is no default dual wielding, only some weapons have a dual wield form.

Are uncanny weapons better?

FALSE, no variant of each weapon is better than the other two. What determines how good a weapon can be is none other than the 3(4) blood gems classes you can put on them. Also lost versions of weapons utilize the maximum usage of all the gems you have collected (IMO).

Do uncanny weapons count for trophy?

You have to get the Beast Claws which are only available in the Chalice Dungeouns. As u/TyrawesomeRex said, uncanny/lost versions don’t count.

How do I get blades of mercy?

Blade of Mercy

  1. Location Found: This weapon can either be obtained by defeating Eileen the Crow hunter in combat (which you can do it any point when you meet her) in order to get her Crow Badge, or by completing her questline. …
  2. Buy Price: 40,000.
  3. Sell Price: 28,000.


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