Quick Answer: How much AP does Emerald Weapon give?

Emerald Weapon has such an incredibly high hit point score that Demi 1 will deal 9999 points of damage per turn. If the Gravity Materia is combined with HP Absorb and W-Magic is combined with Quadra Magic, then the player is hitting Emerald Weapon for 9999 eight times per turn and healing themselves in the process.

What do you get for defeating Emerald Weapon?

The reward for defeating Emerald Weapon is the Earth Harp which can be traded to the Kalm Traveler back in Kalm for three Master Materia: Master Command Materia, Master Magic Materia and Master Summon Materia.

How strong is emerald weapon?

Emerald has one million HP, making Overflows to Emerald Weapon more powerful than any other attack in the game.

What level is emerald weapon?

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Fight Preparations

Your first order of business is to get your characters leveled as close to having 9,999 HP as possible. Level 99 would be ideal, but you can probably start thinking about taking on Emerald Weapon when your main party is around level 80.

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Is Emerald Weapon optional?

The player has to battle Diamond Weapon and Ultimate Weapon during the story of Final Fantasy VII, but there are two more that are optional encounters. Emerald Weapon is a nightmarish abomination that dwells in the darkness of the ocean, which the player can encounter when they acquire the submarine.

Is Emerald or Ruby Weapon harder?

Ruby was much harder than Emerald. Emerald didn’t have that annoying Ultima counter like Ruby has that takes away almost 8,000HP and then hits you with the Ruby Flame that kills you.

Is Emerald weapon in FF7 remake?

In FF7, once the player has acquired the submarine, Emerald Weapon spawns in the underwater world map. … Cloud Strife and his friends will likely get another shot at Emerald Weapon in a future FF7 Remake title.

How often does Omnislash hit?

Omnislash performs 15 hits, at 0.75 times Cloud’s normal damage each, on random targets. This damage is further increased as each attack is a critical hit, approximately doubling the damage.

Where is the best place to level up in FF7?

The best place to level up in ff7 is the Swamp area in the Northern Crater, it is in the final dungeon of disc 3, but is by far the best place to level.

What does Ruby Weapon drop?

Doing so in the PlayStation 4 version earns the Ruby Render trophy. The Desert Rose Ruby Weapon drops can be traded for a gold chocobo that can be used for accessing the four Materia Caves, but its stats are poor for racing.

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What level should I be to fight Ruby Weapon FF7?

Any level is fine. A basic Ribbon + Fire Elemental in your armor is enough to beat him. The only attack he has that can kill you with that setup is Ultima.

What level should I be to fight diamond weapon?

As a last resort make Knights of the Round usable which should only take 2 hours tops to use it and use it to kill ALL required bosses with 1 use and at level 50+ the summon will kill Diamond weapon instantly.

How much HP does Ruby weapon have?

Ruby Weapon has 800,000 HP.

How many hits is Knights of the Round?

Knights of Round is a series of 13 individual attacks hitting all enemies with damage that ignores target’s defensive stats each time at the cost of 250 MP. At its maximum, Knights of Round can do up to 129,987 damage to a single target.

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