Quick Answer: Is it OK to leave a pump shotgun loaded?

No, there hasen’t been any problems with the shotguns. We don’t recommend you leave your gun loaded in doing so you will damage the spring in the magazine tube. If you need further assistance contact us at 1-800-363-3555.”

Can you leave a pump shotgun loaded?

In general, most long guns are not drop safe. I keep my pump shotgun with a full magazine tube, chamber empty, safety off. Pump it, and go. But until then, it is completely safe.

Is it bad to leave a shotgun cocked?

It won’t hurt it. If you dry fire 100s of times a day it might, but once in a while is no big deal. If you’re that concerned, fire it with a spent shell in the chamber.

Should I keep my shotgun loaded for home defense?

Regulations require modern handguns be drop safe. That means you can drop a loaded handgun, and it will not discharge. However, most shotguns are not drop safe. If you store your home defense shotgun loaded in the closet, and it accidentally falls over, it could potentially go off.

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Should shotgun be loaded?

Springs don’t get “stressed” unless they are loaded beyond their design tolerances. A shotgun magazine spring can easily tolerate being fully loaded for years. There may be other reasons for not leaving the gun loaded, but spring stress isn’t one of them.

Is it bad to keep your clips loaded?

Using the spring (loading and unloading the magazine) frequently will cause it to wear out as well. … When left loaded to full capacity and not used, most magazines will very slowly lose some amount of spring tension over time.

How long can you keep a round in the chamber?

How long can I leave a round chambered in a pistol? – Quora. The basic answer is indefinitely. There are two theoretical concerns. I have never seen either of them played out in real life but some might argue them.

How long can you keep a shotgun loaded?

I suggest you load it up and leave it for at least a week. See what that does to the spring. A good spring like those made by Wolff won’t have a problem – at least mine don’t after being continuously loaded for around five years.

Does leaving a gun loaded damage it?

It can. Depending on the powder it can eventually start to corrode the casing and the barrel causing rust. This isn’t a major issue but isn’t good for your gun. There’s also all of the safety issues, so it’s better to simply unload it.

Can you decock a shotgun?

There’s no way to decock it. (As noted in the comments, some shotguns allow you to unload the magazine tube in the reverse order of how you loaded it, but you’d still have to clear the round from the chamber.)

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Should you keep one in the chamber for home defense?

A: It depends. Here’s what I mean…you should aspire to carry a gun in a way that you’re comfortable carrying with one in the chamber. … Shooters who are scared to death of carrying with a loaded chamber, but want to get comfortable enough that they can carry with a loaded chamber.

Where to keep your gun when you sleep?

Places Used To Stow Handguns

  • Gun safe. A gun safe is a good choice to keep unused guns however, in a life-changing event like a home invasion, having a gun accessible and ready can be extremely important.
  • Nightstand. …
  • Under the pillow. …
  • Master bathroom drawer. …
  • Locked gun case under the bed. …
  • Hidden drawer.


Can I have a loaded magazine in my house?

While the handgun must be unloaded, it is legal to have ammunition and loaded magazines inside the locked container (as long as they are not inside the gun).

Can you store a loaded gun in a safe?

Nope. One of the basic firearm safety rules is to keep guns unloaded until ready to use. A gun locked up in a safe is not “ready to use.”

What accessories do I need for my shotgun?

4 Essential Shotgun Accessories

  • Sling. The best sling option you can get for a shotgun is one of the two-point variety. …
  • Sidesaddle or Stock Carrier. …
  • Weapon Light. …
  • Extra Shell Carrier.


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