Quick Answer: Is there an ammo blueprint in dying light?

Adds 5 new blueprints to the game: Pistol ammo, Rifle ammo, Shotgun ammo, SMG ammo, and Subsonic ammo. Just go to any Quartermaster to learn all 5.

Where are the blueprints in dying light?

The Slums | Blueprints – Dying Light Game Guide | gamepressure.com. The blueprint is inside one of the huts in the fishermen’s village. The blueprint is in one of the rooms on the inn’s upper level. The blueprint is in a building next to the antenna and you can get to it while completing the “Prodigal Son” side mission …

Where can I find subsonic ammo in dying light?

You can find extra Subsonic Ammo by looting police vans around the city.

Is there cheats for dying light?

Although there are other dying light money cheats, but this glitch really works. To get infinite money, you need to duplicate enough Melee Through expensive weapons.

Plitch for Dying Light Cheats PC.

Cheat Buttons
Infinite money LCTRL+F2
Infinite gas (car) RCTRL+F2
Infinite nitro RCTRL+F3
Godmode (carparts) RSHIFT+F1

What is the most powerful weapon in dying light?

Katana. Katanas tend to be among the strongest swords in any game, and they’re no different in Dying Light. While there are a few stronger swords in the game, katanas can be absolutely deadly when you kit them out correctly.

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What is the best shotgun in dying light?

Comparing to the Semi-Automatic Shotgun, the Hunting Shotgun has a higher firepower and value, and a lower rate of fire. Both contain the same amount of accuracy. Comparing to the Double-Barrel Shotgun, both have the same stats except for rate of fire. Currently, it is the only shotgun in-game to fire in pump action.

Where do you get rifle ammo in dying light?

Ammo are usually at an Uncommon rarity, but can be found in police vans and at shops for purchase once the player reaches Survivor Rank 9 or above.

Where is the god hammer in dying light?

God Hammer is a legendary blueprint that appears in Dying Light. It can be obtained at the end of the “Chasing Past” quest in Old Town, inside the room the cannibal emerges from.

Do you need subsonic ammo with a suppressor dying light?

With the silencer you need special ammunition called Subsonic Ammo. You can find it by looting police vans.

What calibers are subsonic?

Specialized subsonic calibers

300 Whisper / 300 AAC Blackout (7.62×35mm), . 338 Whisper, 9×39mm, 12.7×55mm STs-130, . 510 Whisper.

Can you get silencers in dying light?

Update, December 12: The second free content update for Dying Light is available now, with a Gun Silencer that lets you sneak up on your undead foes. The appropriately named “Gun Silencer” add-on gives you a stealthy new way to take out zombies. …

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