Quick Answer: What does it mean when a handgun is ported?

Porting involves precision-drilled holes also called ports in the barrel and/or slide on pistols, shotguns and revolvers. These ports reduce recoil by diverting the gases expelled before the departure of a projectile. The gases are directed out the top of the barrel which forces the barrel down.

What is the advantage of a ported pistol barrel?

Pros. Having the barrel ported has a wonderful application for those shooters seeking faster follow-up shots on target. The ports on the barrel are for reducing recoil by allowing the expanding gases to sort of thrust the end of the pistol downward. Great for competition shooters!

Does a ported barrel reduce velocity?

A ported barrel of the same length as a non-ported will usually lose some velocity. Simple physics: you bleed off some of the gas that drives the bullet before it’s through driving it, and it will go slower. The effects are pretty variable, though. The bigger the ports, the greater the velocity loss.

Why do you port a Glock?

In particular, porting the GLOCK pistol makes a lot of sense because without any rounds in the mag, all the weight is in the steel slide. A little downward muzzle pressure (actually the pressure is expressed in a V for stability) is a welcome addition, especially when the latest hot defense load in .

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Does ported barrel work?

A ported barrel not only reduces the muzzle jump, but it also reduces the felt recoil. Most IDPA/IPSC/pin/steel plate shooters are using ported or braked pistols for this reason. However, there’s a class of firearm for everybody in most, if not all, of the shooting games. They do, however, increase the noise and flash.

How much louder are ported barrels?

Even though the 80 is 93% of 86, in actual sound level, it is 4 times louder (2x3db). Any way you cut it, you will definitely need good hearing protection when shooting a ported barrel.

Do not use in firearms with ported barrels?

The ammo marked ” Do Not Use In Ported or compensated Barrels” is a Plated Bullet and can sheer off a portion of the plating when it passes the ports. These can be thrown back into the shooters face! Most ammo makers are going to FMC, as opposed to FMJ as it is considerably lower in cost to produce.

How much does a ported barrel reduce velocity?

The handload produced 55 fps less velocity and 33 percent less muzzle rise in the ported barrel, similar to the factory ammunition. The math showed that the ports account for 73 percent of the difference in muzzle rise, while velocity accounted for 27 percent.

How much does it cost to port a barrel?

Porting Services Price List
Single barrel $99.50
Over/Under both barrels $167.50
Over/Under bottom barrel only $115.00
Side-by-side $135.00

What is the difference between ported and compensated barrels?

Ported barrels have the “slots” or “ports” at the tip of the barrel and they are parallel to the muzzle. The barrel itself is 1/4-1/2″ longer than normal to accommodate these ports. Compensated barrels have the “slots” in the middle of the barrel and they are perpendicular to the muzzle of the gun.

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Do Glocks have ported barrels?

Is a Ported Barrel Good for Self-Defense? The . 45 ACP Glock 21C has a ported barrel. You would primarily use a ported barrel when you want to benefit from more accurate, quick shots.

Does a compensator help on a Glock?

These devices are popular solutions for reducing real and perceived recoil and increasing muzzle control on both the range and in real-world applications. With Glocks and other pistols, a compensator will help minimize muzzle movement, allowing you to make precision follow-up shots.

Does Glock still make 17l?

Please keep in mind, the G17L isn’t a standard item for Glock. About every two years, they make about thousand units. Once they are sold out, they are sold out! … All factory parts will still be sent with your Glock purchase.

Can you use a ported barrel without a ported slide?

The good news is that with the ports, you can install an aftermarket . 40, . 357, or 9mm barrel without the ports and not worry. However if you have a non-ported slide, you could probably not use a ported barrel (may be important if you found a cheap one available).

What does a compensated barrel do?


The barrel has two small, elongated ports that straddle the centerline and exhaust through two vents cut into the top of the slide. So the compensated barrel allows you to get back on target quicker for the critical follow-up shot.

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