Quick Answer: Where does the combat shotgun spawn?

The Combat Shotgun is a powerful shotgun you can find in a random spot inside El Rubio’s compound during the Cayo Perico heist finale.

Where can I find a combat shotgun in GTA?

The Combat Shotgun is unlocked by finding and equipping it during the Cayo Perico Heist. The weapon appears in El Rubio’s compound on the southern tip of the island. It can appear in several different buildings within the compound, but it is commonly found in buildings near the island’s coast.

Where is the combat shotgun in Cayo Perico heist?

First, you’ll need to start the Cayo Perico Heist to travel to the island. You will then need to complete the first few Heist steps, to get the chance to explore El Rubio’s mansion. Ahead of the Heist finale, the Combat Shotgun can be found leaning against one of the walls or surfaces in the compound.

Does the combat shotgun always spawn?

The Combat Shotgun is a powerful shotgun you can find in a random spot inside El Rubio’s compound during the Cayo Perico heist finale. There is a fixed number of locations, but the shotgun can only spawn at one location randomly.

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Is the combat shotgun good GTA?

Many players argue if the Combat Shotgun is better or worse than its assault counterpart. Both are excellent guns, but the main difference is how they shoot. … It might not be as overpowered as it was in GTA Vice City, but the Combat Shotgun is still a great gun to use.

What can I do with Cayo Perico key?

You have discovered a small key that can be used to gain access to a locked location on the island of Cayo Perico. The key can be used to unlock a drawer in El Rubio’s office. In this drawer, the player will find the Perico Pistol, which can subsequently be obtained from Ammu-Nation stores.

How do you get the musket in GTA Online 2021?

There is no confirmation as to whether the Musket will be back in GTA Online this year, but players can sure hope. The Musket can be purchased from Ammu-Nation (on the 4th of July) and kept permanently after that.

Can you destroy El Rubio’s helicopter?

Nope, you can’t even destroy it either, it woulda been nice that there was a mission to gather an EMP to shut down El Rubio’s helicopter to make it easier, but after a couple of tries and after scoping out all access points, you could probably sneak out of the island without alerting anyone :3.

How do you get the railgun in GTA V?

In Story Mode, if you are a returning player, you can easily buy the Railgun through any Ammu-Nation after completing the main story mission ‘Minor Turbulence’. It will be available to purchase for $250,000. Once you complete Minor Turbulence, head over to the crash site of the airplane from the mission at Alamo Sea.

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What gun does the most damage in GTA?

If you’re down on ammo and in a clinch, you could do far worse. If you’re looking for a semi-auto handgun, the Pistol . 50 is probably the way to go: it has the highest damage of all the pistols.

Can you upgrade assault shotgun?

The Assault Shotgun is a Shotguns weapon featured in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. … This weapon can be customized at the point of purchase.

Is the combat shotgun in fortnite?

Combat Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun in Battle Royale added in Season 9. It replaced the Pump Shotgun in the 9.00 patch. It is available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.

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