Quick Answer: Who has the best pistol in Rainbow Six Siege?

What is the best pistol in r6?

Best Pistol

  • The SAS Pistol. 18.0%
  • GIGN Revolver. 16.4%
  • Navy Seals Desert Eagle. 36.1%
  • GEO USP. 8.2%
  • Other (in the comments) 21.3%


Who has the best gun in siege?

The 5 Best Weapons In Rainbow: Six Siege (& The 5 Worst)

  1. 1 W AR33. In the same way that the F2 excels in almost every region, the AR33 is dead average across the board.
  2. 2 B Twitch’s F2. …
  3. 3 W 5.7. …
  4. 4 B Hibana’s Type 89. …
  5. 5 W BOSG. …
  6. 6 W RG15. …
  7. 7 W 417 Rifle. …
  8. 8 B Bearing-9. …


Who is the number 1 r6 player?

Top Players of 2020 for Rainbow Six Siege

Player ID Player Name
1. Canadian Troy Jaroslawski
2. Bosco Dylan Bosco
3. Rampy Nathanial Duvall
4. Fultz Alec Fultz

Who has the SAS pistol in Rainbow Six Siege?

S.A.S. 9mm handgun with a large magazine. Packs a good punch for short to medium range assaults. The P226 MK 25 is a Swiss handgun featured in Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Sledge, Thatcher, Smoke and Mute.


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Barrel Suppressor Muzzle Brake
Under Barrel Laser

Who’s the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege: 5 Of The Best Operators (And 5 Of The Worst)

  1. 1 Worst: Tachanka. From pinoygamer.com.
  2. 2 Best: Hibana. Hard walls are reinforced with metal and plating, making them impervious to traditional gunfire and explosives. …
  3. 3 Worst: Glaz. …
  4. 4 Best: Mute. …
  5. 5 Worst: Ying. …
  6. 6 Best: Bandit. …
  7. 7 Worst: Fuze. …
  8. 8 Best: Jackal. …


Which ash gun is better?

Ash has the R4-C assault rifle and the G36C assault rifle. Both are surprisingly similar weapons with the same ammo capacity, but the G36C sacrifices fire rate and damage for recoil stability. That said, the G36C is better at short range, while the R4-C has the advantage for longer range.

What r6 gun has least recoil?

Currently, the 9×19 VSN available to the Spetsnaz and the UMP-45 given to the SWAT are the best on Defense. On Offense I’d have to give the nod to Ash’s G36C and, surprisingly, Buck’s CAMRS DMR as having the least recoil. Capitao’s 308 has decent recoil that is very manageable.

Which gun has the most recoil in r6?

In-game, the Vector . 45 ACP has the highest rate of fire of any submachine gun in the game. The recoil is manageable at close range, but gets more challenging as range increases.

Which of jackals guns is better?

The assault rifle is the most commonly used weapon for Jackal players. It’s moderate fire rate and high damage from the distance of 0-25 meters makes it very deadly and can approximately kill a defender in less than 10 shots if accurate. The recoil is sort of manageable, it’s not easy and it’s also not hard.

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Who has the highest KD in siege?

KD Ratio Leaderboard

Rank Player KD Ratio
1 SmokeElite.v2 53.25
2 ShortinhoCavado 20.77
3 SleepyWater45 19.06
4 QcIsBad 14.61

Is red dot Good r6?

It’s good if you have a hard time distinguishing the circle and inner dot of the holo, and you can’t get people with the top of the reflex triangle. I say that it’s a good sight to start off with, but eventually you should either go with the holo or reflex, depending on your own preference.

Who is replacing pengu?

Following Monday’s shock-retirement of G2 Esports star player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, the team has signed Cowana Gaming player Jordan “Kayak” Morley as his replacement.

Is Thatcher a boy or girl r6?

Thatcher (Rainbow Six Siege)

Mike “Thatcher” Baker
Aliases Thatcher
Gender Male
Occupation Rainbow operator Special Services Member
Affiliation Team Rainbow SAS

Is Montagne a girl?

Specialist Gilles “Montagne” Touré’s imposing presence, along with his unwavering gaze, is impressive and (as a tactic) I can see how it can be unsettling. He’s a man of few words, even among his friends.

Is Kapkan a 2 speed?

Maxim “Kapkan” Dimitryevich Basuda (Russian: Максим Дмитриевич Басудa) is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Voice Actor.

Armor Rating Speed Rating
●●○ Medium ●●○ Normal
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