What can I hunt with a 243 rifle?

243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. However, this rifle caliber doesn’t just stop there. Big-game hunters in the western states use this rifle round on mule deer and even bear. It also might be one of the most accurate of all rifle rounds at ranges under 200 yards.

What Animals Can you hunt with a 243 rifle?

243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. The . 243 Winchester cartridge was initially designed as a target/varmint round, it may be used for animals such as coyotes, black tail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs.

Is a .243 good for deer hunting?

Conclusion: The 243 is the best deer rifle for hunting because it has great range and velocity, which helps to take down a deer quickly. There are many rounds that can be used on smaller game in addition to this round if you’re not comfortable with larger calibers or recoil.

What can a .243 caliber kill?

243 is an excellent small to medium size game cartridge. It will take down anything from small predators or varmints on up to antelope or deer with authority.

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How far is a 243 good for deer hunting?

243 Winchester deer hunting loads covered here. The key result of this analysis is that the effective killing range of the . 243 load above is 180 yards.

Can a 243 rifle kill an elk?

A . 243 will kill elk just fine. I’ve found an 85 grain Barnes TSX to be very effective.

Can a 243 kill a grizzly bear?

Bears, especially grizzly bears, are another area for cartridge contention. … For black bears, a . 243 with a good, bonded bullet is absolutely deadly. Grizzlies do garner a reputation of being a little tougher to kill, but that seems to have much more to do with the bear being aware of the hunter’s presence.

What is better a 243 or 270?

270 Win rounds are producing a much greater amount of recoil energy than the . 243 Win, on average. With a little over 8ft. lbs of recoil energy, you will definitely be able to tell a difference when shooting these two cartridges.

Average Recoil (ft.lb)

.243 Winchester .270 Winchester
11.25 19.56

Whats better 243 or 308?

243 Winchester has less recoil and a flatter trajectory at typical hunting ranges. On the other hand, the heavier and larger diameter . 308 Winchester bullets have more frontal surface area, more resistance to wind drift, and carry more energy down range.

Is a 308 or 30 06 More Powerful?

Both cartridges use the same . 308″ diameter bullets, and both have a case capacity large enough to push those bullets to sensible, useable velocities. … 30-06 pointed out the slight velocity advantage that the larger case offers, and how it handles the heavier bullets so much better.

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Will a 243 kill an elephant?

The 243 Winchester shoots flatter and faster and recoils less. The 7mm-08 delivers more bullet energy (elephant killing energy) than the 243 Winchester at all distances and can be configured (hand loaded with lighter bullets) to shoot as flat.

Will a 243 kill a person?

243 can kill a person easily. Nope, it must be aimed and fired at said person, it is an inanimate object incapable of doing any thing on it’s own, it is a tool to be used as such, hunting, target practice or plinking.

Is 243 a good all around caliber?

243 will do the job on deer sized animals down. Just don’t ask it to do somehing the small caliber,high velocity bullet, can’t handle. 243 Win is one of the best all-around cartridges currently available. Good for varmints, great for deer.

How much does a 243 drop at 100 yards?

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Range Drop (inches) Velocity
100 0.0047 2858
150 -0.8010 2742
200 -2.7632 2630

Is a 243 big enough for mule deer?

Yes a . 243 is “big enough” for a mule deer.

What is the most accurate .243 rifle?

8 Great . 243 Winchester Rifles for Deer, Varmints and More

  • Winchester bolt action rifle Model 70. Winchester. Some hunters may argue you can start and end the list here with the Winchester Model 70. …
  • Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Vortex Combo. Mossberg. …
  • Browning X-Bolt Hunter. Browning. …
  • Ruger American Rifle. Ruger.
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