What do I do with SR weapons GBF?

What do I do with SR weapons?

What should I do with all these R/SR weapons/summons?

  1. Farmable weapons with skills can be used as fodder for more important Weapon Skills.
  2. Premium Draw weapons (especially SSR) should usually be kept and either used or eventually reduced for weapon stones.


How do I lower my weapon GBF?

The option to reduce an item can be found from the Inventory status screen for that item. Items that are currently equipped to a party or that have been favorited cannot be reduced; remove the item from all parties and unfavorite it in order to see the Reduce button.

How do I uncap my SSR weapon GBF?

To uncap something, either enter the Inventory page for the item and click the Uncap button, or click the Uncap tab from the Upgrade screen. Uncapping requires rupies in addition to either various materials or extra equipment, depending on what is being uncapped.

What is FLB GBF?

FLB – Abbreviation for Final Limit Break. It refers to blue star uncaps that require special materials or actions in order to uncap.

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How do you get weapon stones in GBF?

Weapon stones are primarily obtained by reducing weapons. The most reliable way to farm weapon stones is by farming Omega Raids that drop the weapon type that you need, then reducing them.

Should I reduce SR weapons GBF?

Besides a couple of exceptions like Purity Blade and Bahamut Weapons, you can safely reduce or use SRs as fodders. Some other like SR Archangel weapons are important, but the game has made it such that you can never reduce or sell them so there’s no worry about losing them forever.

How do I increase my weapon skill GBF?

Raising weapon skill levels requires sacrificing other weapons with skills or Skill Shards/Skill Jewels as upgrade fodder.

When should I use Sun Stone GBF?

A stone is consumed to uncap one time. However, they can’t be used for the 4★ or 5★ uncap of Providence Series Summons. They are also used to upgrade Arcarum summon to SSR or buy Supreme Weapon Masteries.


Use Amount
Purchase Supreme Axe Mastery 2
Purchase Supreme Harp Mastery 2

Which bahamut weapon should I get?

In any case, I would suggest either the sword or dagger, leaning toward sword since it gives a bonus to both human and draph starting from its first ssr form to its final form. Dagger is the general pick since there are so many human characters.

Are Seraphic weapons good?

These weapons provide great cost/power ratio on lower levels and grow stronger as you progress through the game, therefore they are a good choice for new players. …

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How do I get omega weapons?

It is always at level 100 in the PlayStation version, but can be on any level in the PC version and Remastered. After defeating it, the player unlocks the Proof of Omega in the game’s help/tutorial section that congratulates the player for defeating the game’s toughest boss.

How do you progress GBF?

Player Progression

  1. First, figure out if you want to reroll. …
  2. Clear at least through chapter 24 of the main quest. …
  3. Make sure you’re unlocking and mastering classes as much as you can. …
  4. You should be fairly familiar with the characters you have, so you’ll want to start thinking about what kind of team you want to play.


How do I increase HP GBF?

It has to do with the level of the weapon, the kind, for example harps and canes give more HP, the weapon skills, there are skills that give small, medium and big boost to attack, hp, attack as hp drops, etc. The summons that you have equipped also rise that, and some of them improve the skills of your weapons.

How do you unlock lyria GBF?

Requires completing Chapter 16 Story: The Sacred Tree to unlock her first Fate Episode. Lyria’s element is the same as the Main Character. Her Charge Attack’s elemental damage changes accordingly. Dark Flame Scion, one of her skill cooldowns will reset.

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