What is Obsidians weapon Steven Universe?

Obsidian is the fusion of Garnet, Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst. It’s a combination of Pearl’s spear, Steven’s shield, Garnet’s gauntlet, and Amethyst’s whip. Their weapons are combined as a sword handle and the actual blade is made from the lava flowing in its mouth.

What is Sapphire’s weapon from Steven Universe?

What is Sapphire’s Weapon? Sapphire (other than our Homegirl Peri) is the only Crystal Gem that is non-fused that hasn’t revealed her weapon yet. Pearl has a sphere, Amethyst has a whip, and Ruby has a gaunlet that doesn’t look like Garnet’s.

What is Jaspers weapon?

Jasper’s weapon is an orange helmet with a diamond-shaped extension on the front and a visor to protect her eyes and gemstone. Like Rose Quartz she wields an object for defense but uses it primarily for an offense. When she uses her helmet she often charges at or headbutts opponents.

Is Obsidian a girl?

According to Joe Johnston’s Tumblr, Obsidian uses both she/her and they/them pronouns. Obsidian bears a resemblance to the Hindu war goddess Kali, who is commonly depicted as an ash-skinned or blue-skinned warrior woman with many arms and long black hair.

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What is the name of spinels weapon?

Spinel uses a weapon called a “Rejuvenator” to revert the Crystal Gems to their original forms, wiping their memories clean. Steven then uses this weapon on Spinel herself, reverting her to her original form as well.

Is Peridot a girl?

The name Peridot is a girl’s name of Arabic origin meaning “a green gemstone”. … If you want a truly original gem name, you might consider this instead of Opal or Ruby.

Are all gems female?

All gems are women. They’re capable of fusing together, and when they do, their combined superpowers and personality traits to manifest themselves as an entirely new being. Garnet, it’s revealed, is a permanent fusion of two gems named Ruby and Sapphire, who choose to stay together because they love each other so much.

Is bismuth a boy or girl?

Bismuth is a lesbian character from Steven Universe.

Who is Jasper’s diamond?

Jasper is was one of the most consistent villains of the early half of Steven Universe. An enforcer from the Gem Homeworld, she (alongside Peridot and the captive Lapis) was sent to Earth by the Diamonds.

Is Steven a diamond?

In theory, yes. Steven is Pink Diamond, and he’s inherited her unique powers, but he is just half of her, given the context of his conception.

Is Obsidian the strongest gem?

Obsidian — the five-way fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven from “Change Your Mind” — simply has to be one of the strongest Gems we’ve ever encountered. … As she puts it, “The immensity of the power is overwhelming, just like all of Obsidian’s … powers.”

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How old is white diamond?

Theory: White diamond is over 1 million years old.

Is Jake dead in Obsidian?

Jake’s fate is unclear as he is not seen with Finn at the end of the episode, with Bronwyn appearing seemingly in his place. … He is confirmed dead by the time Finn is elderly in “Together Again” though it is unclear whether Jake has already passed away at this point in time.

Is spinel Steven’s sister?

One could say that this is an alternative world where Spinel is Steven’s adoptive sister and cares for him. … Siblings have very good relations and do not see each other’s anger.

Why is spinel so strong?

Her body is exceptionally elastic and bendy, and because of her official role of jester she is highly athletic and able to perform jumps and contortions. Her perceived betrayal by Pink Diamond gives her a powerful motivation to weaponize these skills, making her a very fast, agile and unpredictable enemy.

Are pink diamonds evil?

Pink Diamond wasn’t a bad person, but she was a villain. … Her villainy was a byproduct of her being true to herself, which is a kind of tragedy in and of itself—one that Steven has to contend with now because she’ll always be a part of him.

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