What is Section 2 shotgun certificate?

What is a Section 2 shotgun certificate?

Section 1 – Possession of a firearm/ specially dangerous air weapon and certain ammunition without a certificate, Section 2 – Possession of a “shotgun” without a certificate NB: Shotguns can fall within various sections, see Evidence to Charge below. Section 5 – Possession of a prohibited weapon.

What is a Section 2 firearm UK?

Shotguns (Section 2 Firearms under the 1968 Act as amended) are defined in UK law as smoothbore firearms with barrels not shorter than 24 inches (61 cm) and a bore not larger than 2 inches (5.1 cm) in diameter, no revolving cylinder, and either no magazine or a non-detachable magazine that is not capable of holding …

What does a shotgun certificate cover?

A shotgun certificate is the simpler of the two certificates to obtain and allows you to own specific kinds of shotgun. The kinds of shotgun you can own under this certificate are widely used for sports such as clay pigeon shooting and for shooting game.

Do you need a shotgun Licence to buy a shotgun?

You need a firearms certificate issued by the police to possess, buy or acquire a firearm or shotgun. You must also have a certificate to buy ammunition.

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What will stop you getting a shotgun Licence?

If you have received a custodial sentence (including a suspended sentence) of between 3 months and 3 years then you are prohibited for a period of 5 years from the date you are released. If you have received a custodial sentence of 3 years or more then you are prohibited for life, from the date of release.

Who can be a referee for a gun Licence?

A referee may be of any background or occupation but must not be a police officer, a member of the police support staff or a firearms dealer (but see paragraph 4). He must be of good character and someone on whom the police may rely to give honest replies to the questions contained on the referee form.

What weapons are illegal in UK?

Banned knives and weapons

flick knives (also known as ‘switchblades’ or ‘automatic knives’) – a blade hidden inside a handle which shoots out when a button is pressed. gravity knives. stealth knives – a knife or spike not made from metal (except when used at home, for food or a toy)

What is a Section 7 firearm?

Section 7(1): Pistols kept in this category may be possessed on a firearm certificate and can be kept at home. They are to be kept only as part of a collection and may not be fired. To be eligible for 7(1) the pistol must have been made before January 1st 1919 and chambered in a cartridge that is not readily available.

Are airsoft guns illegal UK?

UK Law On Purchasing Airsoft Guns

These important acts were designed to prevent realistic looking replica weapons from getting into the hands of individuals who may want to use them for illegitimate purposes. However, UK law does permit the sale and use of Airsoft guns to individuals who qualify for exemption.

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Is a shotgun a section 1 firearm?

The three main types relevant to sporting shooting are airguns, shotguns and ‘Section 1 firearms’, mainly rifles. Each of these is defined in legal terms, so what looks and works like a shotgun may in fact fall into ‘Section 1’ because it has an unusually short barrel or a large capacity magazine, for instance.

What is a good reason to own a gun in the UK?

That permission will only be granted to you, once fully assessed by the licensing authority, namely, the police, as [1] not posing a threat to public safety & [2] having good reason to own a firearm. A typical ‘good reason’ would be target shooting club, museums or firearms dealer.

Can I buy shotgun cartridges without a Licence UK?

You can possess shotgun cartridges without an SGC as long as you are not a prohibited person. Now for the FAC. You can buy, to the purchase limit and holding limit on the FAC, only for the specific calibres quoted on your certificate. You cannot possess relevant ammunition without an FAC.

Can I shoot on my land UK?

“We generally don’t mind people shooting over our land as long as permission has been granted. … You need to make sure that no shot and no broken clays will fall on anyone else’s land around you and remember that you are not allowed to shoot over a right of way.

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