What is the best 3 star weapon for Ningguang?

Rating Weapon
Best Memory of Dust
Second Best Solar Pearl
Third Best Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

What weapon does Ningguang use?

Ningguang Stats

Rarity 4 Stars
Tier A
Element Geo
Weapon Catalyst

What should I focus on for Ningguang?

You should try to aim for artifacts that provide Ningguang boosts to her attack, crit damage, and Geo damage bonus. A lot of the damage Ningguang deals is through Geo damage, so the two-piece Archaic Petra set works well here. It may be tempting to go for the four-piece bonus, but this only benefits a support build.

Is Ningguang good Genshin?

The best Genshin Impact Ningguang build

We recommend using Ningguang as your main DPS character due to the high amounts of burst damage she can deal to a single target. Ningguang works well when paired up with other geo characters like Zhongli or Albedo, as their geo elemental resonance increases geo damage.

Is Elemental Mastery good for Ningguang?

Elemental Mastery buffs damage from interactions between elements like Overloaded, Electro-charged, etc and Geo has zero interactions with other elements. In fact the only thing Elemental Mastery does for Geo is boost the absorption power of shields. For these reasons, Geo characters are pretty bad right now.

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Is Ningguang better than Noelle?

Like fellow Earth fighter Noelle, Ningguang favors defence, coming with a huge team shield which is especially useful if playing online. … Ningguang is probably easier to use, but less effective than Noelle once you’ve got to grips with them both.

Is Ningguang a healer?

Her Elemental Skill is healing, but unfortunately makes her wet as well, opening Barbara up for external damage. Ningguang is fine at defending, but she doesn’t really do much else, making her difficult to play as on her own, but she can certainly take a few hits.

How do I make Ningguang stronger?

A good way to maximize Ningguang’s damage is to hit an enemy twice with normal attacks then follow up with a charged attack, this will give Ningguang the maximum amount of Star Jade while also decreasing the time between each charged attack.

Can you get Ningguang for free?

The free characters that players can choose from are Xiangling, Xinyan, Beidou, Ningguang, Xingqui, and Chongyun. … With the exception of Xiangling, who’s been available in the Spiral Abyss, this will be the first time these characters can be acquired without using the gacha-pull Wish system in Genshin Impact.

What weapon is good for Mona?

Mona works best with Energy Recharge weapons, due to her passive. Her passive “Waterborne Destiny” increases Mona’s Hydro DMG bonus by 20% of her Energy Recharge.

Is Ningguang better than Xingqiu?

If it’s a game of constellations deciding your choice, Xingqiu usually wins out. If you’re going for Ningguang C2, though, I’d say that’s almost always more important than any Xingqiu one, unless you’re going to be pulling your first ever Xingqiu.

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Is Ningguang a 4-star?

#2 – Ningguang

Ningguang is one of the best 4-Star DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Firing multiple Geo projectiles that deal AOE damage, she is a force to be reckoned with when paired with Artifacts that boost her Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

Is Lisa Good Genshin impact?

In Genshin Impact, Lisa is best suited to a support role. She isn’t the best electro character out there, but as you receive her as a freebie, she’s an early game asset to most teams until you manage to get your hands on a better character from a wish.

Does Ningguang need crit rate?

She is a catalyst user, and there aren’t many items that you can choose from for her, as Ningguang requires crit rate and crit damage.

Is Ningguang a 5 star?

Genshin Impact’s Ningguang is a hidden 5-star character | Geeknabe.

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