What is the best 9mm ammo for Glock 17 Gen 5?

What ammo is best for Glock 17 Gen5?

Assuming self-defense is the goal, a 124 grain Federal HST would be an excellent choice. If that particular round is not available then a 124 grain Speer Gold Dot would do well also. Aside from their ballistic performance both of these rounds are cost-effective and readily available.

What is the best ammo for Glock 17 9mm?

Best 9mm Ammo

  1. Gold Dot 9mm 115 gr. Penetration depth is right in the middle of the zone, great expansion, and good velocity for a short barrel. …
  2. Magtech Guardian Gold 9mm 115 gr. …
  3. Federal HST 9mm 124 gr. …
  4. Federal HST 9mm 147 gr. …
  5. American Eagle 9mm 115 gr. …
  6. CCI Blazer Brass 9mm. …
  7. PMC 9mm.

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What type of ammo does a Glock 17 9mm use?

Answered: What ammunition does the Glock 17 use? The Glock model 17[1] is chambered in 9 X 19mm Parabellum (9mm Luger, 9mm NATO), the same round as the Glock 19, 26, 34, 43 and 45.

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What 9mm ammo do Navy SEALs use?

SIG Sauer P226R – 9mm Pistol

The SIG Sauer P226 is the standard carry of the US Navy SEALs, and is also used by military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

What is the most deadly 9mm round?

In the video below, the company claims their new +P ARX 9mm ammo is the fastest, most lethal 9mm round on Earth! They claim their 65 grain round’s polycarbonate copper matrix fluted Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense bullet motors along at . . . . 1635 feet-per-second, delivering 386 ft.

What grain should I use for my Glock 17?

The G17 is chambered for 9x19mm, also known as 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, and just plain 9mm. “NATO” is 9x19mm ammunition that has a 124 grain FMJ bullet loaded for higher velocity. It will work well, and as EdF702 mentioned, it’s a good idea to break the pistol in with this high energy ammunition.

What 9mm ammo does FBI use?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) awarded Winchester Ammunition with its coveted 9mm pistol ammunition contract. Winchester’s PDX1 will be the Bureau’s duty round, and their Frangible SF rounds will be the Bureau’s training ammunition.

Is THere a difference between 9mm and 9mm Luger?

9mm and 9mm Luger are the same. You can use them interchangeably. SAAMI officially designated the name “9mm Luger” as the official designation ammo. So, 9mm Luger is the most common name you’ll see listed by manufacturers and ammunition stores.

Is the Glock 17 a good gun?

The Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol is one of the most reliable handguns on the market. Within the rental fleet at Shoot Smart, the Glock 17 is one of the most popular handguns used by customers. Even though the pistol is fired thousands of times, it maintains one of the lowest out-of-service rates of any handgun in the fleet.

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Do police use Glock 19 or 17?

The GLOCK 17 — long a favorite of law enforcement agencies –is more of a service/duty or full-size pistol. The GLOCK 19 is something of a Goldilocks gun. … The 17, of course, was invented to serve as a service pistol and the GLOCK 19, the smaller model, was devised for use by plainclothes police officers and so on.

What is a generation 1 Glock 17 worth?

Fact is a used, just the gun A prefix Gen 1 17 brings about $900.

What handguns do Navy SEALs use 2020?

The Navy’s special operators are preparing to part with the Sig Sauer P228 and adopt the Glock 19 as their sidearm. While SEALs have long carried the P226, the more compact P228 has been a staple among Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft crew.

What pistol do Navy SEALs carry?

The P226 MK25 is identical to the pistol carried by the U.S. Navy SEALs, the fleet’s special warfare operators. The railed P226 chambered in 9mm and engraved with an anchor on the left side of the slide is the official sidearm of the SEALs.

Do Navy SEALs use Glock 19?

Naval Special Warfare Command made the decision to add the Glock 19 to the available inventory of the SEAL Teams a little over a year ago. They will slowly begin to phase out the Sig Sauer P226 and replace those with the Glock 19 platform.

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