What is the best ammo for Glock 27?

Speer Gold Dot, and Federal Hydra-Shok are all good rounds too.

What kind of ammo does a Glock 27 use?

Amazingly accurate and controllable, the GLOCK 27 puts 10 rounds of 40 S&W caliber at your fingertips in a package small enough for a pocket or ankle holster.

What is the difference between 165 grain and 180 grain?

The 180 is going to travel slower but be heavier and the 165 fly faster being lighter..

Is higher grain ammo better?

For hunting and any kind of defense shooting, a larger grain is generally better. Larger grain, heavier bullets, generally perform better inside a target. … However, if there are multiple grains of jacketed hollow point ammunition, heavier is generally a little better.

What .40 cal ammo does the FBI use?

Winchester Ammunition will supply the Federal Bureau of Investigation with . 40 S&W ammo, a contract that is worth $16 million according to the FBI.

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Is the Glock 27 a good gun?

The Glock 27 fulfills a valuable role, providing compact firepower for those that need it in a simple, extremely reliable package. Although it may not have the magazine capacity of larger pistols, it can also quietly go where other pistols cannot.

Is the Glock 27 single or double action?

The Glock is neither a single or a double action pistol. The Glock is neither a single or a double action pistol. In a single action pistol a the hammer or striker of the pistol is cocked manually for the first shot and then automatically by the movement of the pistols slide or bolt for subsequent shots.

Is 180 grain too much for deer?

2. A 180 is fine for ANYTHING I plan to hunt with that rifle. 3. Though a “soft” 150 might open faster and do more damage on a broadside shot, a good 180 will have enough penetration to get the job done from any angle.

What is the best grain for 40 caliber?

Five Best 40 S&W Ammo Loads for Penetration

  • Speer Gold Dot, 165-grain HP: 17.24 inches.
  • Winchester Supreme Elite, 180-grain Bonded PDX 17.02 inches.
  • Federal Hydra-Shok 165-grain HP: 16.7 inches.
  • Winchester Ranger Talon, 180-grain HP: 16.46 inches.
  • Winchester Supreme Elite, 165-grain Bonded PDX: 16.44 inches.


What’s the difference between 150 and 180 grain?

The top speed from a 180-grain bullet was 2,770 fps. At those speeds, and with both bullets sighted in 2-inches high at 100 yards, the difference in drop between 150- and 180-grain bullets is 2.82 inches at 300 yards, 5.73 inches at 400 yards and 9.69 inches way out at 500 yards.

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What grain of ammo should I use?

Generally, it’s recommended that a larger grain and heavier bullet is more suited for self-defense. However, others recommend the use of jacketed hollow point rounds over heavier weight rounds.

Does higher grain mean more power?

Here’s where the heavier rounds really shine. If you want effectiveness for defensive situations, larger game or combat, then higher-grain cartridges will get the job done. The heavier the bullet, the better expansion and penetration you’ll get on impact. This means quicker and more humane kills.

What is the most accurate 9mm ammo?

Best 9mm Ammo

  1. Gold Dot 9mm 115 gr. Penetration depth is right in the middle of the zone, great expansion, and good velocity for a short barrel. …
  2. Magtech Guardian Gold 9mm 115 gr. …
  3. Federal HST 9mm 124 gr. …
  4. Federal HST 9mm 147 gr. …
  5. American Eagle 9mm 115 gr. …
  6. CCI Blazer Brass 9mm. …
  7. PMC 9mm.

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Is 40 cal ammo being discontinued?

FBI sets the caliber trends in LE and they ditched the . 40 Cal with over 70% of LE now exclusively using 9mm. As for the civilian market, it’s still a dying breed even though people still shoot it.

What handgun Do Navy SEALs use?

P226 MK25 Full-Size. Once reserved only for an elite few, the MK25 delivers the advanced features that made the P226 the official sidearm of the U.S. Navy SEALs.

Do 40 cal pistols wear out faster?

40, particularly the G23, wear out faster. As soon as you read that, you should have stopped reading. LEO Glocks are usually carried a lot, and shot very little. They are rarely actually worn-out mechanically.

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