What is the best deer rifle for a 12 year old?

243 is a good choice along with the 30-30, 300 savage, 35 Rem. Really any mild recoiling cartridge sufficient for taking deer would be a good choice. You could also try a 308 win with reduced recoil loads.

What is the best deer rifle for a youth?

The Top 5 Youth Hunting Rifles for Deer Hunting

  1. Savage Arms Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle in TrueTimber Strata Camo. Cabela’s. …
  2. Remington Model 783 Bolt-Action Rifle and Scope Combo. Remington. …
  3. Ruger American Rifle Ranch. Sportsman’s Guide. …
  4. Mossberg Patriot Youth Super Bantam. Mossberg. …
  5. Thompson/Center Compass II Compact.


What is a good deer rifle for a 13 year old?

The 270 and 30-06 both kick about as hard as a pump 12 gauge shotgun with heavy field loads. The 243 has little recoil and is very enjoyable to shoot, and the 308 is kind of in between. If you have little to no experience with heavier recoiling firearms, I’d go with the 243.

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Is 308 good for youth?

308 is one of the most accurate rounds there is that’s why Olympic big bore shooters use the . 308. With either caliber shot placement is the key. Since this will be for a youth they will outgrow the stock before they will ever outgrow the caliber.

What are good kids rifles?

If you want to make sure the youth hunters in your life are comfortable around firearms and develop good habits, a . 22 LR is the way to go. … 22 LR rifles with shorter stocks and barrels to make sure kids are as comfortable as possible behind the trigger. For a first squirrel rifle, you can’t beat the .

What is the difference between a 243 and a 6.5 Creedmoor?

243 Winchester fires smaller diameter bullets at a significantly higher velocity than the 6.5 Creedmoor. The . 243 has a flatter trajectory and much less recoil, but the 6.5 Creedmoor retains more kinetic energy and drifts less in the wind than the . 243 Winchester at typical hunting ranges.

What is the best shotgun for a 13 year old?

Here Are Our Picks for the 6 Best Youth Hunting Rifles and…

  1. Remington 870 Express Compact Jr. …
  2. Savage Axis II XP Youth Centerfire Rifle Package: $385.99. …
  3. Keystone Crickett 22 Synthetic Rimfire Rifle: $115.99. …
  4. Mossberg 500 Bantam Field/Deer Shotgun Combo: $389.99.

What is a good first rifle?

My Recommendations For The Best Beginner Rifle

Rifle Cost Buy Now
Aero Precision AC-15 $599 Buy Now!
Ruger AR-556 $553 Buy Now!
Century C39v2 $857 Buy Now!

How long is a youth rifle?

Youth Model Firearms

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Manufacturer Model Barrel Length
. Handi-Rifle Youth 22″
. Sportster Youth 20″
Remington Arms Model 700 ADL Synthetic Youth 20″
. Model 700 ML Youth 21″

What is the lowest recoil deer rifle?

Low-Recoil Hunting Cartridges Test Results

Cartridge Med. Game (yds) Recoil
6.5-284 Norma 525 15.4
7mm-08 Rem. 500 15.4
.240 Weath. 440 14.6
.25-06 Rem. 415 12.4

What is a good deer rifle for a 9 year old?

RE: Best Rifle for a 9 year old? If they are going to be starting out on deer hunting, I’d say start with a . 243! Minimal recoil, great accuracy and plenty of power for deer sized game! New England Arms and Rossi make very good youth model single shot rifles, at reasonable prices!

Can a kid shoot a 270?

In a rifle a child can handle well, recoil will not be pleasant in a 270. In fact, most adult first timers don’t do well with 270 level recoil, even when shooting a much heavier rifle than a child should carry. If the barrel is suitable to a little feller, muzzle blast will be pretty nasty out of a 270 as well.

Is a 243 A good gun for a kid?

If your kids are only going to hunt medium sized animals, like whitetail deer, the . 243 is very adequate. If you know for sure that your kids will be hunting larger game animals, like elk, you might want to go with the 7mm08 and have them put up with a little more recoil and grow into the gun.

What is a good deer rifle for a 7 year old?

300 AAC Blackout, 7.62×39, 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC are a few of the more popular choices for deer. On the other end of the spectrum, Sartain said some parents start their kids off with too much gun. “Your 7-year-old does not need a . 270,” Sartain said.

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What is the best shotgun for a 11 year old?

If you want a simple, affordable pump 12 gauge, A Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 are hard to beat. But if you prefer semi auto, like I said, take a look at Benelli or Beretta. #1 reason why my kid will have an o/u. Ithaca makes great youth model guns as Carson mentioned.

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