What is the difference between 9×19 and 9×21 ammo?

9×21: This cartridge is not commonly seen in this country. It is ballistically the same as the standard 9×19 and has the same OAL but uses a case 2mm longer. This is a way for shooters who live in countries where the 9×19 is illegal (because it’s a military caliber) to get around the rules.

Can you use 9×21 in a 9×19?

No, you can not safely fire 9×21 out of a 9×19 chamber. The 9mm rounds seat in to the chamber on the case mouth, the 9×19 will be too short to do that. The only thing holding your cartridge in place against the breech face will be the extractor.

Is 9×21 more powerful than 9×19?

This round is actually a bit more powerful than the regular 9 mm. 9×19 and 9×21 IMI rounds have no differences in pressure or ballistics. The only difference is the additional 2 mm of casing. The bullet setback is greater in the 9×21 to make it the same overall length as 9×19.

Can you use 9×21 ammo in a 9mm?

Cartridge OAL of both 9×19 and 9×21 is the same! the only difference is 9×21 has a longer case but the bullet is seates to the same depth as in 9mm. So the powder space of 9mm and 9×21 will also be the same, and the pressures should be the same as well.

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What is the 9×21 cartridge?

The 9×21mm pistol cartridge (also known as the 9×21mm IMI, 9mm IMI, 9x21mm Italian, or 9mm Italian) was designed by Jager (Loano, Italy), then adopted and commercialised by Israel Military Industries for those markets where military service cartridges, like the 9×19mm Parabellum, are banned by law for civilian purchase …

Can Glock shoot 9×21?

HIT Show: Glock 43 in 9×21 mm

Shooting the Glock 43 in 9×21 mm. … The 9×21 mm caliber also known as the 9×21 mm IMI or 9 mm IMI. In Italy the 9×19 mm Parabellum ammunition is banned for civilians, therefore the need for another caliber. In fact, the EU is looking at banning “military calibers” all over.

Is 9×21 the same as 38 super?

Since 9×21 and 9×23 pre-existed, why develop 38 super? 9×21 essentially a 9×19/9mm. The case is 2mm longer, but the bullet is seated 2mm deeper. It’s not a real competitor to 9×23 or 38 Super, it’s a 9mm for people that live in a country where civilians can’t own a military caliber.

What guns fire 9×21?

Standard 9mm pistols CAN have their barrels reamed by a competent gunsmith to accept 9×21 brass. Usually all else that is required is a stiffer recoil spring. The barrel is usually STAMPED 9×21 by the gunsmith. Normal 9mm can still be shot out of said barrel safely.

What gun uses 9×21 ammo?

The base design of the 98A1 is the 92FS or M9, the pistol that has served the US military admirably throughout its campaigns in the world’s toughest environments.

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Action Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 125
Barrel length (in) 4.9
Caliber 9×21 IMI
Magazine 15

Is 9x21mm the same as 9mm Luger?

Slightly longer than the 9x19mm, the 9x21mm was created by Israel Military Industries (IMI). This round has different dimensions all around, including bullet diameter and neck diameter compared to the 9mm Luger. Another name for this cartridge is the “9mm IMI.”

Is 9mm Luger 9×19?

9mm Luger and 9x19mm Parabellum refer to the exact same round. When someone refers to 9mm, they almost always mean 9x19mm. However, there are also terms catering to specific variations of 9x19mm and other 9mm caliber rounds altogether.

Can you reload 9mm Luger with 9×21 dies?

My understanding is that, YES, you can use the 9×21 or 9×23 die sets to reload 9×19 Luger.

What is 9mm major?

Nine Major is an extra-heavily-loaded 9mm Luger intended for competition pistols. This ammunition is not safe in all 9mm guns — in fact, only a few. It’s almost always loaded to +P+ pressures likely exceeding pressures of +P+ ammunition available from the mainstream ammunition manufacturers.

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