What is the highest DPS weapon in Minecraft dungeons?

Firebrand. The Firebrand is a weapon that boasts the highest damage output when compared to other weapons of the same level.

What’s the strongest weapon in Minecraft dungeon?

#1 Heartstealer

This weapon boasts the highest power level in all of Minecraft Dungeons and has the potential to demolish all of the enemies found in-game.

What is the max damage you can do in Minecraft dungeons?

Normally, the Hawkbrand can do 100~ damage per swing, but with the right buffs, you can do 2000+ with an end-of-combo critical.

What is the rarest sword in Minecraft dungeons?

The Dark Katana is a unique sword that can only be found at Obsidian Pinnacle on the apocalypse difficulty setting by opening chests throughout the level. It’s a super-strong sword that deals a lot of damage but has a slow swing speed for a sword.

What is the rarest Armor in Minecraft dungeons?

Every Armor Set

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All Armor in Minecraft Dungeons
Armor Rarity Trait 2
Plate Armor Common, Rare 35% damage reduction
Reinforced Mail Common, Rare 30% chance to negate hits
Renegade Armor Unique +35% damage reduction

What is the most damage a sword can do in Minecraft?

The most amount of damage that a sword enchanted with Sharpness V can do is 11 in Java Edition and 15.25 in Bedrock Edition, without critical hits.

What weapon does the most damage?

9 Answers. Coin Gun is the most powerful weapon, if platinum coins are used as ammo, which can deal 200 damage and has an insanely fast rate of fire. If you want to see each weapon sorted for its Damage or Damage-per-second, see here.

How much damage does a Netherite sword do with sharpness 5?

A netherite sword with Sharpness V and Fire Aspect II will produce a total of 18 points on a regular hit or 22 points of damage on critical hit.

What is the most powerful bow in Minecraft dungeons?

  • The Bow of Lost Souls is the best “Soul Bow” in the game, for anyone using Corrupted Beacon or Torment Quiver, a Soul Bow lets you siphon souls from enemies killed, powering your artifacts. …
  • The Elite Power Bow produces the highest damage numbers in the game for arrow attacks, for anyone focusing on regular archery.

What is the most powerful enchantment in Minecraft?

The best enchantments in Minecraft

  • Mending (max. Rank 1) Best applied to: Weapons or resource gathering tools that you frequently use. …
  • Unbreaking (max. Rank 3) …
  • Fortune (max. Rank 3) …
  • Looting (max. Rank 3) …
  • Sharpness (max. Rank 5) …
  • Power (max. Rank 5) …
  • Protection (max. Rank 4) …
  • Efficiency (max. Rank 5)
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Where is the best weapon in Minecraft dungeons?

A more reliable way is from golden chests you find around levels – replay levels to get more chances. Seemingly the most reliable way to get legendary Unique weapons and items is to fight the big bosses in Minecraft Dungeons – I’ve had the most luck with the Nameless One in the Desert Temple and Heart of the Ender.

What is the rarest thing in Minecraft?

1 Dragon Egg

Perhaps the one truly unique item to be found in any Minecraft world, the dragon egg is a trophy item and the absolute rarest thing in all of the game.

What is the strongest armor in Minecraft Dungeons 2021?

The 15 Most Powerful Unique Pieces Of Armor In Minecraft Dungeons

  1. 1 Highland Armor.
  2. 2 Renegade Armor. …
  3. 3 Wither Armor. …
  4. 4 Frost Bite. …
  5. 5 Fox Armor. …
  6. 6 Cave Crawler. …
  7. 7 Stalwart Armor. …
  8. 8 Spider Armor. …


What is the best armor in Minecraft Dungeons 2021?

Ranking The 15 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor Sets

  • 8 Grim Armor.
  • 7 Champion’s Armor.
  • 6 Dark Armor.
  • 5 Hunter’s Armor.
  • 4 Phantom Armor.
  • 3 Soul Robe.
  • 2 Spelunker Armor.
  • 1 Wolf Armor.


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