What is the largest weapon in DND?

A massive axe that once belonged to a Frost Giant lord, Gurt’s Greataxe is a massive weapon that weighs 325 pounds. Dealing an incredible 3D12 (plus an extra 2D12 if the target is human), this weapon is one of the most consistent sources of raw damage that can be found on a melee weapon.

What is the most powerful D&D weapon?

One of the most powerful weapons in all of D&D, the ax can be used to completely remove the head, neck or any other appendage of an opponent with a single dice throw. You can also use it to cast earthquake, passwall, and stone to flesh daily. Be warned, using the ax too often will turn you into a dwarf as well.

What is the biggest sword in DND?

Supposedly, buster weapons–specifically the buster sword–got its origins from Final Fantasy VII. It’s the big ass broadsword that Cloud Strife used in the game. Its appeared in every Final Fantasy game since and become something of a staple in anime. A buster weapon can be any larger-than-normal weapon.

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What is the most damaging weapon in DND?

Firstly, the obvious answer, greatsword. It does 2d6 which beats any 1d12 weapon on two fronts. Firstly, the average roll of 2d6 is 7, while the average of 1d12 is 6.5.

What is the best weapon in D and D?

Most of these weapons can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, but there are quite a few that can be found elsewhere in D&D manuals.

  1. 1 Vorpal Sword.
  2. 2 Wave. …
  3. 3 Sword of Kas. …
  4. 4 Ironfang. …
  5. 5 Sun Blade. …
  6. 6 Flame Tongue. …
  7. 7 Scimitar Of Speed. …
  8. 8 Sword Of Life Stealing. …


Does D&D have guns?

Guns are a high-risk, high-reward weapon to use in D&D 5e. Like the crossbow, they’ll require at least 1 feat to be useful for fighters and other classes with Extra Attack. It’s an investment with an immediate pay-off, but it’s a very different fighting style compared to the other, longer-ranged options.

Is Excalibur in DND?

Excalibur is a magic longsword that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it and deals an extra 3d10 radiant damage to fiends and undead. The sword can only be wielded by the rightful heir to the throne of Britain.

Where did cloud get his sword?

The Buster Sword’s origins are revealed with Angeal Hewley as its original owner, whose father had the blade forged when Angeal joined SOLDIER. His parents borrowed the money for the sword, and Angeal’s father worked as much as he could to pay back the debt, eventually falling ill and passing away.

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Is a short sword a finesse weapon?

That’s very odd – the shortsword is a finesse weapon, so D&D Beyond will automatically use the best ability bonus out of STR and DEX.

What is bastard sword?

A bastard sword or hand-and-a-halfer are swords which fall between the longsword or broadsword and the two-handed greatsword in size.

What is the most powerful item in DND?

The most powerful magical items in Dungeons & Dragons will give you the power to take over the world.

The 15 Most Powerful Dungeons & Dragons Artifacts, Ranked

  • 5 The Talisman Of Pure Good/Ultimate Evil. …
  • 4 The Eye And Hand Of Vecna. …
  • 3 The Orbs Of Dragonkind. …
  • 2 The Cyrinishad. …
  • 1 Crenshinibon.


What class can do the most damage?

Fighters have the most single target damage potential in 5e. They get 4 attacks at level 20 and can action surge twice per short rest for an additional 4 attacks each.

Is chainmail heavy armor DND?

Heavy Armor. … Ring Mail is inferior to Chain Mail, and it’s usually worn only by those who can’t afford better armor. Chain⁠ Mail: Made of interlocking metal rings, Chain Mail includes a layer of quilted fabric worn underneath the mail to prevent chafing and to cushion the impact of blows. The suit includes gauntlets.

Why is it called a quarterstaff?

The quarterstaff attained great popularity in England during the Middle Ages. It was usually made of oak, the ends often being shod with iron, and it was held with both hands, the right hand grasping it one-quarter of the distance from the lower end (hence the name) and the left at about the middle.

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What is the best one handed weapon DND?

[Top 10] D&D Best One-Handed Weapons and How To Get Them

  • Dagger (Good early weapon with wide use)
  • Handaxe (Good early weapon for strength characters)


What is a maul weapon?

Maul. A maul is a long-handled hammer with a heavy head, of wood, lead, or iron. Similar in appearance and function to a modern sledgehammer, it is sometimes shown as having a spear-like spike on the fore-end of the haft. The use of the maul as a weapon seems to date from the later 14th century.

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