What is ZQI ammo?

ZQI Ammunition is committed to helping meet the demands of Americans for high-quality brass cased, boxer primed ammunition. This is a newly manufactured, high-quality NATO-spec cartridge with a reloadable case.

Is ZQI ammo any good?

The ammo appeared as high quality brass ammo, boxer primed, FMJ and functioned as good as any other ammo I have shot and a lot better than many.

What is ZQI ammunition?

Virginia-based ZQI Ammunition is importing and selling three calibers of NATO ammunition to Walmart stores nationwide. … Manufactured in Turkey to NATO specifications, this ball ammunition is ideal for training, as well as recreational and competitive shooting.

Who makes MKE ammo?

This ammo is manufactured by MKE in Turkey. MKE is a state of the art ammunition factory, that is NATO approved. They provide ammuntion to the turkish military and exports ammunition to over 40 other countries for military use.

Is Tulammo 9mm any good?

Its the most compact box you will find for 50 rounds of 9mm ammo. This is great for retailers as it takes very little shelf space. When boxed up the ammo doesn’t rattle around. I actually like the packaging more than other brands because it takes up less space in my range bag.

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What is the difference between 9mm NATO and 9mm Luger?

9mm NATO rounds have higher pressures than standard 9mm Luger rounds. To make a comparison, a 9mm NATO round would be like a 9mm +P round in terms of pressure. That’s the biggest difference. 9mm NATO is a bit spicier than 9mm Luger.

What is 9mm NATO Winchester?

Get ready for a day at the range with the Winchester USA 9mm NATO 124-Grain Handgun Ammunition. Intended for target shooting, this 9mm handgun ammunition weighs 124 grains and comes in a 150-round box. The full metal jacket ensures reliable performance.

Is Ammunition Depot real?

Ammunition Depot was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Florida. The company sells a variety of both beginner and expert-level firearms, ammunition including specialty ammunition, gear, gun parts, and more. Ammunition Depot strives to provide provide a large price range that is suitable for all customer budgets.

Where are MKE firearms made?

MKEK, or MKE in Turkey is one of the last and largest H&K roller-delayed blowback manufacturers sanctioned and under the authority of H&K to fill orders for H&K roller-delayed blowback firearms internationally. The only difference between MKE and H&K is that MKE makes the H&K weapons in Turkey instead of Germany.

Who makes Blazer ammunition?

Blazer Brass loads are very similar to Speer Lawman ammunition which is predominantly used by the law enforcement community for range training. The CCI plant which produces several brands (CCI, Blazer, Blazer Brass, and Speer) is owned by ATK (the same company that owns Federal).

Why is steel ammo banned at ranges?

The reason for a steel core ban is due to the damage the round can cause to the range. Steel core rounds shot into a steel backstop or trap will cause damage to the backstop. Unlike lead rounds the steel is much tougher and does tear into the ranges structure.

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Can cheap ammo damage your gun?

Fouling. Cheap rounds often foul the barrel and chamber more quickly than higher quality rounds. Cycling issues (especially in semi or full autos, but occasionally in bolt action). The dimensions and powder loads of cheap rounds can cause jams.

Can you use .380 ammo in a 9mm gun?

No. Long version: the . 380 and 9mm use the same diameter bullet, the difference is the . 380 case is a little shorter than that of the 9mm.

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