What kind of barrels does radical firearms use?

Radical Firearms manufactures rifle barrels from ER Shaw 4150 hardened chrome moly vanadium steel blanks. They send all their barrels to the best QPQ plating company in the country who handles the likes of Remington and Mossberg. They are button rifled with a 1/7 twist rate.

Are radical firearms mil spec?

The Radical Firearms 16″ SOCOM 5.56mm AR rifle uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with our 15″ FCR free float rail system for increased accuracy, keeping your hands cool, and giving you plenty of room for accessories.

Are radical firearms uppers any good?

Overall Impressions

Overall, I was very impressed with the Radical Upper I received. The rumors and the gossip and the snide remarks are all just hot air. I think Radical Firearms is a good company that makes great products, and they are definitely a manufacturer to keep your eye on.

Does radical firearms make good guns?

The standard rifle is of high quality and at least to the limit of 700 rounds, has been perfectly reliable. Most problems would have been ferreted out well short of this mark. Cops looking for an inexpensive option should check out the Firearms Radical website and build themselves a duty rifle.

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What kind of barrel does an AR-15 need?

Types of AR-15 Barrel Steel. There are seven types of steel used to make AR-15 barrels, separated into carbon and stainless steel categories: Types of Carbon Barrels: 4140, 4150, and Chrome-Moly-Vanadium (CMV), also called 41V50. Types of Stainless Barrels: 410, 416, 416R, and 17-4 PH.

Can I use 5.56 in my AR-15?

You can shoot 5.56 through your . 223 chambered AR-15—but you may regret it. Since 5.56mm Mil-Spec ammo is loaded hotter, it has higher chamber pressure.

Does radical firearms have a lifetime warranty?

Radical Firearms manufactured or branded products come with a limited lifetime warranty granted to the original owner of the product. This warranty is non-transferable. Radical Firearms products are warranted to be free of manufacture and workmanship defects.

Is Ghost firearms any good?

Overall I feel it is comparable, if not superior, to PSA and other budget build kits I have experience with. The company had a pretty active and vibrant Instagram account and their guns look great. My recommendation for anyone on the fence is to go for it.

Is Diamondback firearms a good brand?

Today the Cocoa, Florida-based company has grown in size, with more than two hundred employees, but it has also become a respected manufacturer of the AR-15 as well as quality sporting rifles and even handguns.

Where is radical firearms made?

We now offer a great selection of firearms and parts that are built here in Texas for the most discerning firearms enthusiast and professional.

Is tactical kinetics legit?

Tactical Kinetics is an aftermarket or OEM barrel manufacturer. I had not heard of them until I talked with them at Triggrcon. They produce all of their barrels, in house, from start to finish, in Tennessee. Currently they are offering AR15, AR10, and Glock style barrels.

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What is a Socom barrel?

The Colt SOCOM barrel is a medium contour barrel which was produced to bridge a gap in the M4 Carbine’s ability to handle full auto fire. The thicker Socom profile handles longer strings of full auto fire than its skinny predecessor.

What is a RF 15?

This Radical Firearms 5.56 complete AR-15 rifle is built with a Primary Arms Exclusive free float handguard. This handguard is crafted from 6063-T6 aluminum and hardcoat anodized a deep black. … Underneath the handguard is a 16” SOCOM profile barrel made from 4140 steel and a 1:7 twist rate.

How many rounds will an AR-15 barrel last?

The average life of an AR-15 barrel is about 20,000 rounds.

Legally “Shortening” a Barrel Under 16″ with a 14.5″ Barrel

The key to keeping your 14.5 inch barrel from being treated like a legally defined SBR is to have a muzzle device that is at least 1.5 inches long permanently affixed to the rifle barrel giving it an overall length greater than 16 inches.

Most AR-15 pistol barrels are from 7 inches to 10.5 inches. The muzzle blast for the shorter barrels is somewhat abusive. 16 inches or more without a tax stamp . You can legally own any barrel length AR15 without an attached stock tho.

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