What ranged weapons can monks use?

Simple weapons and shortswords (ranged and melee simple) – the monk has proficiency. Monk weapons, shortswords and any simple melee weapons that don’t have the two-handed or heavy property. These enable you to use your Martial Arts. So, yes, a monk CAN use a short bow, AND get their proficiency bonus.

Can a monk weapon be ranged?

According to Martial Arts: You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes and monk weapons. According to the Thrown modifier on weapons: If a weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon to make a ranged attack.

Can a monk use a crossbow?

Monk allows proficiency in simple weapons and shortswords, so that means only light crossbow will benefit from crossbow expert. Once reaching level three, Kensei allows 1 ranged weapon to become a monk weapon with proficiency, and that for a bonus action I can add 1d4 onto my ranged attacks.

Can a longbow be a monk weapon?

If the longbow is just swung about I suspect it resembles no particular weapon, thus it’s an “improvised weapon” (not a simple weapon) that deals 1d4 damage and has no properties. Since it doesn’t fit the classification for monk weapons (or Kensei weapons), it can’t be used with Martial Arts.

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Can monks use light crossbows?

When using a monk, if I equip a weapon that I am proficient with but is not a monk weapon, it still applies the martial arts damage. For instance, weapons such as a Greatclub or a Light Crossbow gain the martial arts feature despite them not being monk weapons.

Is sling a monk weapon?

Being a simple weapon, all monks are proficient with a sling. But a sling is a ranged weapon not a melee weapon. You can use it, but with disadvantage. If you have the crossbow expert feat you can shoot ranged attacks on melee range rolling normally.

Do darts count as monk weapons?

Monks can use the dart as it is a simple ranged weapon. However, they cannot use them with the Monk’s martial arts class feature since they are not melee weapons. Simple Melee Weapons and shortswords are monk weapons, not proficiencies.

Can a Kobold use a longbow?

Kobold archery characters might as well use a longbow despite the heavy property: 3d6.

Can a monk throw two darts?

Monks can use daggers as monk weapons, that part makes sense and is clear. Also, a character can dual wield daggers and thrown them both if they use action + bonus action.

Are Shortbows monk weapons?

Shortbows aren’t monk weapons. … See the Martial Arts feature in the Player’s Handbook (pg. 78).

Is a longbow a Kensei weapon 5e?

You are not restricted to longbows. A kensei weapon can be any weapon that does not have the heavy or special property, plus longbows. That means that you can use any ranged weapon except the heavy crossbow. Also, your kensei weapon counts as a monk weapon.

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Can a Wood Elf Monk use a longsword?

no, monk weapons are given a specific criteria in the class description, under Martial Arts I believe. …

Is a longbow a martial weapon?

Martial weapons include ranged weapons. So, Fighter is proficient in longbow, for example, by default.

Are throwing daggers still Monk weapons?

2 Answers. The weapon is still a simple melee weapon, even when you throw it to make a ranged attack. The weapon’s position on the table tells you what type of weapon it is. Since it’s a simple melee weapon, it’s a monk weapon.

What is a monk weapon in DND?

Monk weapons are short swords and simple weapons that don’t have heavy or two handed properties. And you are proficient with short swords and simple weapons.

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