What rifle did Norway use in ww2?

Type Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin Norway
Service history
In service 1886–1945

What rifle did the Norwegians use in ww2?

Danish Army adopted the Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen rifle as its standard infantry rifle. Krag-Jørgensen rifles were adopted by the Norwegian Army as its standard weapon.

What guns did Norway use in ww2?

After Russia signed an armistice with the Finns in March 1940, however, the force was disbanded.

Norwegian Army Divisions:

Infantry Division
Machine guns 264-396 (192-288 x light 6.5mm Madsen, 72-108 x heavy Colt-Browning M29)
Mortars 16-24 (heavy)

What is Norway’s service rifle?

Automatic rifles

Standard rifle of the Norwegian Army. Variants include HK416N, HK416K and HK416S. The C8 SFW and C8 CQB are in service with Norwegian Special Operations Forces.

Was the 30 40 Krag used in ww2?

Denmark used the Model 1889 Krag Jorgensen rifle as its standard service rifle up to World War II, chambered for an 8x57mm cartridge. A number of variants were made, including a carbine and a sniper rifle; production totaled about 140,000.

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Did Norway have an army in ww2?

The Army participated in various continental wars during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries as well, both in Norway and abroad, especially in World War II (1939–1945).

Norwegian Army
Size 3,725 military personnel 4,399 conscripts 688 civilians
Headquarters Bardufoss

How many submarines does Norway have?

As of 2008, the Royal Norwegian Navy consists of approximately 3,700 personnel (9,450 in mobilized state, 32,000 when fully mobilized) and 70 vessels, including 4 heavy frigates, 6 submarines, 14 patrol boats, 4 minesweepers, 4 minehunters, 1 mine detection vessel, 4 support vessels and 2 training vessels.

Does Norway have special forces?

Organization. FSK is a special operations force (SOF). (Another special operations force of the Norwegian military is MJK (Marinejegerkommandoen).)

How many fighter jets does Norway have?

The RNoAF’s peacetime establishment is approximately 2,430 employees (officers, enlisted staff and civilians). 600 personnel also serve their draft period in the RNoAF.

Royal Norwegian Air Force
Aircraft flown
Electronic warfare Dassault Falcon 20
Fighter F-16, F-35

Does Norway have military?

Norway`s operational defence forces consist mainly of the Army, Navy, the Air Force, the Home Guard, and the Special Operations Command. The total number of employees is 15,873 (2018). In addition Norway has 7000 conscripts serving.

Does Norway have any enemies?

Norway doesn’t have many traditional geo-political enemies. Yes they managed to rupture relations with China, ironically through the awarding of a peace prize but China lives miles away and has probably forgotten by now. … Turns out Norway has an enemy and they go by the name “John”.

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What guns do Norwegian special forces use?


  • Assault rifles. Colt Canada C8SFW and C8CQB (default rifle) …
  • Submachine guns. Heckler & Koch MP5. …
  • Sniper rifles. Heckler & Koch MSG-90. …
  • Pistols. Heckler & Koch USP. …
  • Grenade launchers. AG-C/EGLM (Fitted to C8SFW) …
  • Machine guns. FN Minimi (5.56 mm) …
  • Shotguns. Remington 870. …
  • Anti-tank weapons. M72 LAW – Light anti-armor weapon.

Does us protect Norway?

The US has been a traditional ally of Norway for 70 years as well as its main guarantor of security. Despite the fact that both countries share a strong bond at the strategic level, there are some incongruencies between them on the level of values and their visions for international cooperation.

Did the US use the Krag-Jorgensen?

The American version of the Krag-Jorgensen rifle, officially known as the Magazine Rifle, Model of 1892, holds the unique distinction of being the first smokeless powder rifle adopted by the U.S. Army.

What war was the 30-40 Krag used in?

This Rifle Killed America’s Enemies from World War I to Vietnam. This is the story of the 1903 Springfield Rifle. In 1896, the . 30-40 “Model 1896 Krag Rifle” became the standard United States Army’s first bolt-action, magazine, smokeless-powder service rifle.

Who invented the 30-40 Krag?

308″ diameter) propelled by 40 grains of smokeless powder, the cartridge received the designation “. 30-40.” The “Krag” portion of the cartridge name was an ode to Captain Ole Herman Johannes Krag, a Norwegian military officer who designed the Krag–Jørgensen rifle in partnership with Erik Jørgensen.

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