What should I look for in a shotgun mic?

How do I choose a shotgun mic?

Most shotgun mics are reasonably good at capturing on-axis audio, but for the best shotgun, it’s important to look for low-self noise and high sensitivity in conjunction with a natural on-axis sound and uniform off-axis rejection. This will ensure the best audio overall.

What makes a good shotgun mic?

The Best Shotgun Mic in 2021: 5 of the Top Shotgun Mics

# Product
1 Rode NTG2 Multi-Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone,Black
2 Audio-Technica AT875R Line/Gradient Shotgun Condenser Microphone
3 MIRFAK NP10 Professional Broadcast-Grade Condenser Shotgun Microphone,Ultra Low Noise…
4 Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone

What is the range of shotgun mics?

The shotgun group of microphones have a minimum range of 4′. I’ve been successful recording dialog with a shotgun mic at 10′. However, due to its tight pattern you need to be very accurate when booming.

Where is the best placement for a shotgun mic?

The best placement of a shotgun mic is on a “pistol” grip held by hand or on a boom, being aimed at the sound source. The worst place for a shotgun is on a DSLR camera, because it limits the angle adjustment to aim your mic.

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When would you use a shotgun mic?

Common uses of shotgun microphones are for talks or speeches in meetings, conferences, and lectures. In scenarios such as these, the speaker does not need to hold a microphone and speak into it or wire a microphone on his body in order to record his speech or lecture.

What does pattern do on a mic?

More specifically, it describes how sensitive the microphone is to sound waves coming in from different directions. A microphone’s polar pattern is an important consideration when it comes to figuring out if a microphone is the right or wrong tool for a particular situation.

How far away can a shotgun mic work?

The most expensive shotgun mics can only capture audio from a distance of six to ten feet, while more affordable mics sound their best at a distance of three to four feet away. Interviews are typically shot from about seven to ten feet away from the subject.

Are shotgun mics good for filmmaking?

Striking a balance between price, performance and portability, the VideoMic Pro is the best shotgun microphone for on-camera use. Shotgun microphones are a staple in the film industry and allow audio recordists to clearly capture sounds from distant subjects.

What boom mic should I get?

So there you have it, my top three recommendations for boom microphones in film are: Schoeps MK 41/CMC 6: My top recommended high-end boom mic for film. Audio-Technica AT897: A top recommended and very popular shotgun boom mic for film. Sennheiser MKH 60: Another top contender for quiet film sets and outdoor shooting.

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Why are shotgun mics so long?

Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones. … This is what gives shotgun microphones their length. These tubes affect the way in which sound waves reach the microphone diaphragm, thus having a huge effect on the polar pattern of the microphone. Shotgun microphones are very directional and have narrow polar patterns.

Is a shotgun mic good for vocals?

Voice over and dialog replacement in films: The Sennheiser 416 shotgun microphone is used for voice over recording due to it’s extreme clarity on voice and you can “eat” the microphone and it will still sound great.

Where do you aim a boom mic?

Place the microphone slightly ahead and below the talent, angling the mic directly at the source of the sound. This technique can be ideal for small spaces or limited workspace. Booming from below is not as ideal as booming from overhead because of added bass frequencies coming from the chest cavity.

What does a shotgun mic plug into?

How does it work? Basically, you plug your boom microphone into a cable and then plug that cable into the wireless plug on the transmitter, which can provide phantom power and then transmit to the receiver, which you can plug into your DSLR’s microphone jack.

Is shotgun mic good for interviews?

Using Shotgun Microphones. Shotgun mics, or “boom” mics, as they are called when mounted onto the end of a boom pole, are rod-shaped microphones that are great for capturing interview audio. Shotgun mics are directional, meaning they capture more sound from what they point at, and less from the sides.

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