What weapon does the most damage in Osrs?

The Ballista has the highest possible ranged attack and ranged strength bonus in the game. The special attack of the Heavy Ballista adds 25% damage and accuracy to your next shot, consuming 65% of the spec.

What is the most powerful weapon in Osrs?

The Dragon Scimitar is a standout choice, as it is the strongest of its kind within OSRS. To get your hands on it, you are going to need to have level 60 Attack, and you will also have to have completed Monkey Madness I.

What is the best weapon type in Osrs?

Two-handed swords are the most powerful of basic weapons, but it sacrifices both speed and the ability to be used with the Shield slot, as the name suggests. The use of a Rune two-handed sword in player killing on Free-to-play worlds as a finishing weapon is common.

What is the best weapon to use in RuneScape?

The Dragon scimitar is one of the most popular weapons for PKing along with the Abyssal whip and Dragon dagger (p++), and it’s considered one of the most versatile combat weapons in the game although it doesn’t have a very good Strength bonus.

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What is the best sword in Osrs?

Top 10 Best Longswords in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

  • Excalibur. With almost identical stats to the next entry, Excalibur is a powerful Longsword, with potentially more effectiveness that it appears to have. …
  • Adamant Longsword. …
  • Gold Decorative Sword. …
  • Skewer. …
  • Katana. …
  • Rune Longsword. …
  • Granite Longsword. …
  • Dragon Longsword.


What is the best armor in Osrs?

Rune armour is the best armour for free-to-play that does not degrade and requires level 40 Defence to wear, although a smith wishing to start making runite equipment needs at least level 85 Smithing.

Whats the most expensive item in Osrs?

The top 5 OSRS most expensive items are as follows:

  • Twisted Bow – 1.07B gp.
  • Elysian Spirit Shield – 847.39M gp.
  • Elysian Sigil – 835.26M gp.
  • Scythe of Vitur – 740.83M gp.
  • 3rd Age Bow – 541.88M gp.


Is Scimitar better than longsword?

In short, scimitars have better DPS against most monsters than longswords and are better suited for PvM and training melee stats. Longswords have slightly higher strength bonuses which gives them higher possible maximum hits. Overall, it is recommended to get a scimitar over a longsword whenever possible.

Are 2h swords good Osrs?

Two-handed swords or 2h swords are powerful yet incredibly slow weapons. Their slow attack speed is made up for by the high damage they can deal in a single attack. … Two-handed swords offer slash and crush attack styles in which they provide high bonuses in compensation for their slow speed.

What weapon should I train attack Osrs?

Training weapons in order of effectiveness

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Weapon Name Requirements Primarily Used to Train
Abyssal whip 70 Attack Attack, Defence, All stats on Controlled
Saradomin’s blessed sword 75 Attack Strength
Abyssal bludgeon 70 Attack 70 Strength Strength
Zamorakian hasta 70 Attack Barbarian training Defence All stats on Controlled

Is dragon rider Lance worth?

yes, if you can’t afford a nox scythe (like me). then buy a d-rider lance. totally worth it.

What’s the best f2p weapon in RuneScape?

Magic Shortbow or rune throwing knives for ranged, Rune weapons for melee, and Mystic Wand and Mystic Orb for magic. There are also gravite weapons from dungeoneering that are the best f2p weapons you can get. I think the armour from triskellion keys is best f2p armour, it’s lv 65 i think. and batwing armor.

Which Godsword is best?

The Saradomin godsword is most effectively used in monster-killing situations, due to its helpful special attack. Healing Blade can be useful to players who are training Slayer, doing the Barrows activity, or attempting the TzHaar Fight Cave.

Can you dual wield Osrs?

3 Answers. The only way to fight with dual-wielded weapons is by equipping a normal one-hand weapon in the main weapon slot and an “offhand” weapon in the offhand/shield slot.

Is Ghrazi a rapier Osrs?

The Ghrazi rapier is a stab weapon and is obtained as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood. It requires level 75 Attack to wield. The Ghrazi rapier provides the highest strength and stab bonus out of any weapon for its attack speed.


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