What weapon does warden use?

Wardens wield massive two-handed longswords for slashing enemies and blocking attacks.

What weapon does warden use for honor?

In For Honor, a Hero is always tied to a weapon. In our current case, The Warden uses a two-handed German longsword that is used for both attack and defense. Players will be able to customize this weapon to make it unique and to adapt it to their play style.

What is Warden’s sword?

The Warden swords are weapons handmade especially for the Wardens’ use by Anastasia Luccio. They are supernaturally sharp and able to cut through any enchantment.

Is Warden from for honor a girl?

Wardens can be either male or female in For Honor.

What does warden say when he shoulder bashes?

The male Warden’s shoulder charge, where he says “miserum,” is fairly straight-forward: miserable, pitiful. Or alternatively, piece of cardboard.

Is Warden good for honor 2021?

The Warden is a good class for beginners as it has a good balance of both offense and defense, and it’s overall good for playing any kind of role on the battlefield. Like anything in For Honor though, there is a lot to know when it comes to mastering the class.

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What’s Shugokis weapon called?

The For Honor Raider’s weapon of choice is the Footman’s Flail. One of the most vicious and deadly weapons available, it is a huge steel-spiked ball, linking to a heavy wooden handle and dangling from a iron chain. The best weapon to concuss enemies.

How do I get the warden sword?

Warden Sword is rare Sword obtained by defeating the Chief Warden.

What sword does warmonger use?

The Warmongers are grandiose warriors who will not go unnoticed on the battlefield. Their weapon of choice is the flamberge, a two-handed sword that is as elegant as it is deadly.

What does the warden drop in Blox fruits?

Warden, Chief Warden, and Flamingo

Flamingo uses the String Fruit, and drops his Pink Coat.

Can you change your gender in for honor?

Yeah, just click customize, then heroes. Select the Vanguard, select customize, press L1 to go to appearance, select traits, and then select female.

Is there a warden spawn egg?

Spawn Egg – Warden was remixed from Spawn Egg.

Spawn Egg.

Type Item
Uses Spawning particular Mobs
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance Snapshot 11w49a (49th week of 2011)
Data Values Hex: 17F Dec: 383

Does Apollyon die?

When the Knights of Ashfeld grew tired of the Iron Legion’s disinterested rule, Apollyon was among the fifteen founding Warmasters of the violent and ambitious Blackstone Legion. … All except for Apollyon died in the attempt.

What is Centurion saying?

Quotes. Latin: “Incredibilis!” – English: (I am) incredible! Latin: “Incontinens!” – English:(I am) unrestrained! Latin: “Īnfirmus!” – English:(You are) weak! / Weakling!

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What is Berserker saying for honor?

Quotes. Icelandic: “Þú ert dauður!” – English: “You are dead!” Icelandic: “Náði þér!” – English: “Caught you!” Icelandic: “Drepa, drepa, drepa!” – English: “Kill, kill, kill!”

How do you counter warden shoulder bash?

Warden has four options out of any bash.

  1. Press gb to initiate shoulder bash and do nothing and the warden will follow through with a level 1 sb connecting at 600ms I believe. …
  2. If you press gb a second time within 400ms of initiating the shoulder bash the warden will cancel the charge up into a guard break at 400ms.


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