What weapons do Thargoids damage?

Weaponry. Thargoid Scouts have two weapons: a rapid-fire energy weapon that partially breaches shields and can inflict damage directly to a ship’s hull, but modules are safe from the phasing damage.

What weapons kill Thargoids?

Guardian Gauss Cannon are currently the best weapon against the Thargoids, inflicting great damage to both hull or hearts, while being very precise. Efficient long range. Guardian Shard Cannon are melee weapons to spread large shards at the Thargoids.

What does Thargoids damage?

When destroyed, all Thargoid Interceptors produce a large, highly corrosive cloud which can severely damage or even destroy any ship that passes through it.

Do normal weapons damage Thargoids?

Normal weapons: 23% damage to Thargoid Scouts, less than 1% damage to Thargoid Interceptors. You fight those buggers with AX or Guardian weapons, they do full damage to Thargoids.

Can you fight Thargoids with normal weapons?

Thargoids have heavy resistances to standard weapons. … Thargoid Scouts have a 77% resistance to normal weapons. Thargoid Interceptors have 99.97% resistance to normal weapons.

Where do you fight Thargoids?

The most consistent means is to find Thargoids in Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) in either the Pleiades Region or the Witch Head Nebula. However, you can also find Thargoids at a few static locations across human space.

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Are Thargoids aggressive?

‘Elite Dangerous’ Lore: Thargoids

Thargoids are highly territorial and seemingly rebuff all diplomatic overtures with unmitigated hostility, but are also known to be extremely slow to adapt.

How do you kill Thargoids?

To exert the heart, you will need to deal direct damage to the Thargoids hull, once you deal 20% of the remaining hull in damage, the Heart will begin glowing very brightly. This means the Heart is exerted. When exerted, the heart can be damaged. You will have approximately 30-40 seconds to destroy the heart.

How can I prevent a Thargoid?

To avoid Thargoids, don’t enter “Non-human signal sources” and if hyperdicted by one, as soon as your ship reboots, boost and jump the hell out of there.

What drops Thargoids?

After dying the Thargoid will drop a Thargoid Heart, some materials, and a dangerous caustic cloud in its wake. The caustic cloud will start small and quickly spread up to about 3.5 km from the site of its death before dissipating.

Do beam lasers work against Thargoids?

For scouts, yes. Regular weapons work, just not as well as AX/guardian stuff. For interceptors, they effectively do nothing.

Are Thargoids ships?

The Thargoids are a nonhuman race with a history of hostility towards humanity. The first recorded encounter with a Thargoid ship took place in 2849, although earlier undocumented encounters are believed to have taken place. In the years that followed, contact with lone Thargoid vessels was intermittently reported.

Are Guardian weapons worth it?

If you want to fight Thargoids, guardian weapons are pretty much necessary. They’re WAY better than their AX counterparts, especially if you aim to fight Thargoid interceptors. The only situation where AX weapons are better are in fighting scouts – mounting turreted multicannons can be useful then.

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Do you need guardian weapons to fight Thargoids?

ZAKALWEINC8876. Yes, both interceptors (very difficult but not impossible without Guardian tech) and scouts can (fairly easily) be beaten without guardian stuff. The fastest way to kill scouts is turreted AX MCs, and they are not a guardian unlock.

What do I need to hunt Thargoids?

For the interceptors, you absolutely need Guardian/AX weapons, as well as a remote release flak launcher (for dealing with the thargon swarms), a Xeno scanner, and a shutdown field neutralizer. I highly recommend watching some videos of these fights.

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