When were Browning shotguns made in Belgium?

From that chance meeting came a partnership that resulted in the Belgian manufacture of the Browning automatic shotgun in 1902 and his famed over-and-under, pretty much perfected in 1925 and known today as the B25 in commemoration of that date.

What years were Browning shotguns made in Belgium?

History of the Browning Auto 5

FN produced the A5 in Belgium until 1975, with a brief break during World War II when production shifted to Remington from 1940-46, and lastly to Miroku in Japan starting in 1975 until the traditional A5 ceased production in 1999.

What Browning guns are made in Belgium?

The original Browning A5 shotguns, like this one, were made in Belgium until the start of World War II, when Remington produced the A5 alongside their Model 11s. Production returned to Belgium after the war, but moved to Browning’s Miroku plant in Japan in 1975.

What year was my Browning shotgun made?

To find the year of proof of your (Post 1975) Browning or Miroku shotgun you’ll need to find the Serial Number. On most over and under shotguns this should be situated under the top lever… and on Semi-Autos somewhere on the receiver… In the Serial number there are two letters together – This is your date code.

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What shotguns are made in Belgium?

Today, Belgian firearms designer Francotte builds famed double barreled shotguns and fine rifles. Other makers include Lebeau Courally and Mahillon. Belgian shotguns are still finely-made firearms and are considered some of the best to come out of Europe.

When did they stop making Browning in Belgium?

Most Browning guns were made in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale (FN) until the mid 1970s when some production was shifted to Miroku in Japan. Today’s Browning firearms are made in either Belgium, Portugal, Japan or in the United States.

Where are Browning shotguns made now?

Every Browning shotgun tells a tale of industrial history. It was designed by an American gunmaking genius but is now manufactured in Belgium – except when it’s made in Japan.

Does Browning own FN?

Browning is currently a fully owned subsidiary of FN Herstal. Browning Arms Company is best known for the A-Bolt and X-Bolt bolt-action rifles, the BAR semi-automatic rifle, the BPR pump-action rifle, the BPS pump-action shotgun, the Auto-5 semi-automatic shotgun, and the Hi-Power pistol.

What guns are made in Belgium?

The Warfighter | History

  • 2011. Fabrique Nationale FNS. Semi-Automatic Service / Security Pistol.
  • 2009. Fabrique Nationale FN M3P. …
  • 2009.
  • 2008. Fabrique Nationale FN SLP (Self-Loading Police) …
  • 2005. Semi-Automatic Pistol.
  • 2005. Sphinx S3000. …
  • 2001. Fabrique Nationale FN F2000. …
  • 2000. Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Is Browning a good company?

Today, Browning is best known for their high-end hunting rifles and shotguns. Many of the current designs are only slight modern tweaks on John Browning’s original designs. The company has also expanded their operations to manufacture clothing, boots, flashlights, camping gear and even trail cameras.

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Can you tell when a gun was made by the serial number?

Check the manufacturer’s website.

Once you’ve determined the model, go on the manufacturer’s website to find which year the gun was made, from the digits following the dash. In this instance, 331-12345 was manufactured in the year 2007.

Can you tell how old a gun is by the serial number?

Contact the manufacturer. They can tell you when the gun was made by the serial no. Sometimes they may charge a fee. , Have been building guns and shooting them since I was 13 yo.

How old is my Browning rifle?

To find out about your gun’s serial number simply click on your firearm. Give us a call at 800-333-3288 to learn more about how you can add a piece of history to your Browning firearm.

How much are old double barrel shotguns worth?


A DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN shotgun is currently worth an average price of $1,064.44 new and $651.85 used . The 12 month average price is $1,260.79 new and $662.20 used.

Where are Francotte shotguns made?

Francotte is a weapons manufacturer in Liège, Belgium. It can be traced back to 1805, and is still in operation today. During the first decades they manufactured various arms for various nations around Europe, among others 1,500 M1849 kammerladers for Norway.

Where is Belgium in Europe?

Belgium is situated in the west of Europe, bordered to the north by the Netherlands, to the east by Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to the south and the west by France. Although its surface area of 30,688 km2 makes it a small country, its location has made it the economic and urban nerve centre of Europe.

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