Where can I buy basic weapons in Orgrimmar?

Location Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar
Status Alive

Where can I buy swords in Orgrimmar?

Shoma <Weapon Vendor> This NPC can be found in Orgrimmar (2).

Where is the vendor in Orgrimmar?

For players that have difficulty finding the Horde Honor vendor in Orgrimmar, you may either fly or go up the ramp located behind Naros’ Armory in the Valley of Strength. It is essentially the corner tower for the outer wall of the city.

Where can I buy a dagger in Orgrimmar?

Weapon Master Sayoc in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar can teach bows, daggers, fist weapons, one- and two-handed axes, and thrown weapons.

Where do I buy weapons wow?

Yes. You can buy items from shop. While in Stormwind you can press ‘m’ to show map and then select to show you vendors. If you are looking for Heavy Armor, which I think you do, you can check the Stormwind Heavy Armor Vendor.

Where can I buy alcohol in Orgrimmar?

Horde Drink Vendors

Location Vendor Title Drink Vendor
Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar Barkeep Morag
Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar Innkeeper Innkeeper Gryshka
Wayfarer’s Rest Inn, Silvermoon City Innkeeper Innkeeper Jovia
Silvermoon City Inn, Silvermoon City Innkeeper Innkeeper Velandra
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Where can I buy food in Orgrimmar?

Batamsi <Food & Drink>

This NPC can be found in Orgrimmar .

Is there a pet vendor in Orgrimmar?

Xan’tish <Snake Vendor>

This NPC can be found in Orgrimmar (60).

Where is the heirloom vendor in Orgrimmar Shadowlands?

Heirloom vendor in Orgrimmar ? It is in undercity if you haven’t started BfA, it is on the top front rampart in orgrimmar if you have. It’s in Undercity.

What zone is orgrimmar in?

Durotar is the starting zone for the Orcs and Trolls and contains both their starting zone, Valley of Trials, and their capital, Orgrimmar.

Where can I repair armor in Shadowlands Orgrimmar?

next to the auction house, there should be a place called “Boomstick Imports” run by those big fat cows, you can repair your stuff there. If the repair button on the bottom is greyed out and it wont let u click it, it means all your equipment is good, however, some NPC’s (poison vendor, enchanting vendor, etc.)

Where do you learn fist weapons?

Buliwyf Stonehand is located in the Military Ward in Ironforge, in the Timberline Arms building. Buliwyf can train the following : 10 Fist Weapons. 10 Guns.

Where can I repair armor in Orgrimmar?

Tor’phan <Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant>

This NPC can be found in Orgrimmar (2).

What is the best weapon in WoW?

World Of Warcraft: 10 Best Weapons, According To The Lore

  • 3 Thas’dorah.
  • 4 Seschenal. …
  • 5 Gorshalach. …
  • 6 Scepter Of Sargeras. …
  • 7 Doomhammer. …
  • 8 Shadowmourne. …
  • 9 Ashbringer. …
  • 10 Frostmourne. Of all weapons in the Warcraft universe, it’s perhaps the Lich King’s Frostmourne that fans easily recognize. …
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Is ashbringer obtainable?

Ashbringer is real, and will be attainable in the expansion. The sword listed above is not Ashbringer.

What races are in WoW?

What playable races are there? In World of Warcraft, there are two factions: the Alliance and the Horde. Each faction currently has 11 race options to them. The races for the Alliance are the dwarves, gnomes, humans, night elves, draenei, worgen, lightforged draenei, void elf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Kul Tiran and pandaren.

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