Where can I find Tomestone weapons?

How do you get Tomestone weapons?

How to Get Deepshadow Weapons

  1. Get four successful clears of the Eden raid for four Blades of Antiquity.
  2. Exchange the Blades for a Lightweight Tomestone.
  3. Earn 1,000 tomestones of Phantasmagoria through duty roulettes.
  4. Exchange the tomestones for 10 Mowen’s Tokens (Phantasmagoria).


Where can I find Allagan Tomestone?

The player can purchase equipment and items with Allagan Tomestones at Rowena’s House of Splendors merchants (labeled “Tomestone Exchange”) in Revenant’s Toll, Idyllshire, Rhalgr’s Reach, or Eulmore.

How do I spend my Allagan Tomestones?

Allagan Tomestones are a currency acquired through high-level duties, the Duty Roulette, Beast Tribe quests, The Hunt, Treasure Maps, The Diadem, and PvP. They can be spent at Auriana, Hismena, Enna, and Aymark to purchase various weapons, armor, accessories, and other miscellaneous items.

Where can I spend my allegory?

There are only a few things you can buy with Allegory. You can spend your Tomestones on catch-up gear to outfit your combat Jobs, or you can buy crafting materials for personal use or for selling to other players.

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Do fates give poetics?

This instanced area spawns fates that, upon completion, can award up to 120 poetics depending on your level. The only caveat is that it may be more difficult to find large groups grinding fates in Eureka since it is part of an older expansion of the game.

Where do I spend the Tomestone of revelation?

Spending Tomestones of Revelation

Head to Eulmore and speak to Aymark <Tomestone Exchange> at Eulmore [10.3, 11.8] to buy or try on these pieces. ‘DoW’ (Disciple of War) is for Tanks, Melee, and Ranged gear.

What gives Allagan Tomestone of poetics?

Allagan Tomestone of Poetics is a type of Allagan Tomestones introduced in patch 2.4. They drop from level 50/60/70 dungeons, trials or raids. They cannot drop before the player’s class is at level 50. They can also be received as rewards for completing lines of Wondrous Tails.

Where can I spend Allagan Tomestone of phantasmagoria?

Players can only receive Allagan Tomestones of Phantasmagoria after reaching level 80 with at least one class or job. Speak with Aymark in Eulmore (X:10.2 Y:11.8) to exchange Allagan Tomestones of Phantasmagoria for gear.

How do I get Allagan Tomestone in Revelation?

Allagan Tomestone of Revelation is a type of Allagan Tomestone introduced in patch 5.4. They drop from level 80 dungeons, trials or raids. They cannot drop before the player’s class is at level 80. They can also be received as rewards for completing lines of Wondrous Tails.

Where do I use Allagan Aetherstone?

An Allagan device that, when affixed to gear, augments the gear’s strength. Allagan Aetherstone – Head Gear is a Part material used to craft various items.

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How do I get irregular Tomestones?

To obtain one these rewards, you will need to do 5 Prae runs, 7.14 Cast runs, 10 PvP bouts, or 16.67 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons. To get all of these would cost 350 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology. This would take 35 Prae runs, 50 Cast runs, 70 PvP bouts, or 116.66 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

Where is Rhalgr’s reach?

Rhalgr’s Reach is a settlement found at the northern end of The Fringes in Gyr Abania. The settlement features an aetheryte, chocobo porter, Delivery Moogle, Summoning Bell, Company Chest, mender, Materia Master, and several NPCs and vendors.

Is Eulmore a Limsa Lominsa?

Eulmore is a city of the First reflection of Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Located in the Kholusia region, it is analogous to the Source’s Limsa Lominsa. In terms of gameplay, it serves as the Shadowbringers endgame players hub, a successor of Revenant’s Toll, Idyllshire, and Rhalgr’s Reach.

What do you use Allagan Tomestone of allegory for?

Allagan Tomestone of Allegory is used to purchase more than 25 items via trading.

Allagan Tomestone of Allegory.

Though they appear to be naught more than simple stones, Garlond Ironworks engineers insist they contain reams of invaluable information on allegories gathered by the lost Allagan Empire.
Level 1
Item Level 1

How do I get to Eulmore?

Complete the Level 77 Solo Duty

Without going too deep into spoiler territory, reaching level 77 in the MSQ will give you access to an instanced solo duty. Upon completing the duty, you’ll be able to attune to the Eulmore Aetheryte Crystal, and warp straight here whenever you want.

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